Changing Streetscapes: Rate these 7 Local developments in Mellieħa

For this week’s article, we take a stroll around Mellieha to seek out local developments that are currently underway or have been carried out recently.

Local artists, designers, and stylists on you can work with

For this article, we want to highlight some of the workshops and talks that will be held at the marketplace on Friday and Saturday.

Stefano’s Industrial Masterpiece shows us what heart & mettle can do

For this article, we’re showcasing Stefano Borg’s apartment, a living space which he designed to epitomise all the key characteristics that make up this coveted style that’s easy to spot, but hard to recreate.

Why Maltese homeowners should hire designers to lower costs

Whether your budget is limited or liberal, you might want to consider that hiring a local aesthete for a house visit might be the best way to use your money.

[Guide] Renting and hosting in Malta: How to set it all up and guarantee success!

There’s no question about it, staying close to shimmering attractions at fancy hotels makes for a shiny vacation, but it’s often confined to a weekend. Thankfully, all a strange new place needs to feel like a second home is for you to spend time with its people.

Faces of Raħal Ġdid: Photowalk with Lisa Gwen and Ramon Fiott

Any local can tell you that Raħal Ġdid translates to New Town, but for a majority of tourists who visit our island, this is where you go to witness some of humankind’s earliest and oldest structures, from the famed underground Hypogeum in Ħal Saflieni to the Tarxien temples that dwell in Paola’s sister town, Ħal-Tarxien. But, prehistoric rocks and primitive sites aren’t Raħal Ġdid’s only weapons of mass attraction.

A look at the Architectural Firms Nominated for EU Mies Award: Valentino Architects

In this article, we’re focusing on the renovation of the eCabs Headquarters by Valentino Architects, which won the Interior Spaces Award last year!

Homes that move you: Architect & Designer Rebecca Zammit Shows us her House!

The internal skylight, while introducing light into the ground floor level, also serves as usable space on first floor. The walk on glass permits the usage of the library on the upper level.

10 Reasons why you should hire a local Creative to design your interiors

It’s time to toss out the idea that interior decorators, stylists, and designers are for the ‘rich and famous’.

Stylist or Interior Designer? Find out what’s right for you with Local Stylist Lucienne

Are you getting a stylist, or an interior designer? Ask this question to a Maltese homeowner who’s about to do a renovation, or is planning to decorate their new home, and chances are you won’t get one straight answer.