Why Maltese homeowners should hire designers to lower costs

Whether your budget is limited or liberal, you might want to consider that hiring a local aesthete for a house visit might be the best way to use your money.

[Guide] Renting and hosting in Malta: How to set it all up and guarantee success!

There’s no question about it, staying close to shimmering attractions at fancy hotels makes for a shiny vacation, but it’s often confined to a weekend. Thankfully, all a strange new place needs to feel like a second home is for you to spend time with its people.

Faces of Raħal Ġdid: Photowalk with Lisa Gwen and Ramon Fiott

Any local can tell you that Raħal Ġdid translates to New Town, but for a majority of tourists who visit our island, this is where you go to witness some of humankind’s earliest and oldest structures, from the famed underground Hypogeum in Ħal Saflieni to the Tarxien temples that dwell in Paola’s sister town, Ħal-Tarxien. But, prehistoric rocks and primitive sites aren’t Raħal Ġdid’s only weapons of mass attraction.

8 Interesting Facts about the Maltese Antiporta you probably don’t know (and should!)

The ANTIPORTA team invites all those interested in being part of the project, to submit clips and images – new, old or even vintage – of the Maltese antiporta.

A look at the Architectural Firms Nominated for EU Mies Award: Valentino Architects

In this article, we’re focusing on the renovation of the eCabs Headquarters by Valentino Architects, which won the Interior Spaces Award last year!

Worth sharing with your Neighbour: Key take-aways about the Antiporta Exhibition

In 2018, our Maltese antiporta inspired a group of curators, artists, architects, and photographers to go on a quest to delve a little into its history. Here’s what they found out.

A look at the Architectural Firms Nominated for EU Mies Award: TBA Periti

How we’re shaping and designing the limited space Malta offers continues to be a hotly contested area of contention. For this series of articles, we want to give attention to architecture firms who’ve had the opportunity to flex their muscles and delivered great work.

You can Now Get a Lift Installed without requiring a Shaft

One big drawback that holds the accessibility of lifts back, besides their cost, is that they require the building to have a dedicated pit in which they can be fitted. Or at least, that’s been the case so far.

7 Important Considerations before Starting a Rental Renovation

Having renovated and restored properties in Bulgaria, the UK, and Malta, Giovanna Hammet has years of experience in real estate. In this article, we discuss what makes a great rental.

Sights for sore eyes: 6 Buildings in Malta that You will Want to Own

A small group on Facebook , aptly named ‘Malta architectural pornography’ have been putting up photos of attractive buildings – from houses to churches to palazzos – in Malta that remind us of what our island still has a lot to offer.