In photos: Birżebbuġa in the 1880s, 1950s, and 1970s

A few weeks ago, we introduced Joe Scicluna, a local archivist with a collection of Maltese photos Joe has acquired over decades as a Forensic photographer. Joe generously allowed to share a sliver of the photos he has acquired.

For our first collaboration with Joe Scicluna, we selected 12 photos that showed Valletta throughout the ages; for this article, we wanted to take a turn south by focusing on Joe’s favourite pictures of Birżebbuġa.

Here’s some facts about Birżebbuġa we think are worth sharing

  • Artifacts from Għar Dalam, a cave in Birżebbuġa, date back to the Neolithic Period some 7,400 years ago. The lowermost layers, more than 500,000 years old, contain the fossil bones of dwarf elephants, hippopotami, micro-mammals and birds. These findings has led experts believe that Malta was once connected to continental Europe.
  • Borġ in-Nadur, a bronze age fortified settlement, reveal hints about the Neolithic people who lived in Malta, and then became extinct, in 1900BC
  • Birżebbuġa is home to a number of other historical sites, such as the Ferretti BatteryPinto Battery, and the Birżebbuġa entrenchments. There are 7 churches in Birżebbuġa.
  • During the British period, Fort Benghisa, RAF Kalafrana and RAF Hal Far were built in Birżebbuġa.
  • St George’s Bay is famous for its Cart Ruts that go across the small sandy bay.

Birżebbuġa in 1951 – Triq San Ġorġ between Triq Birżebbuġa and Dawret il-Qalb Imqaddsa

Displaying Birżebbuġa 1951 Triq San Ġorġ between Triq Birżebbuġa and Dawret il-Qalb Imqaddsa..jpg

Birżebbuġa in 1880 – Going uphill towards Għar Dalam.

Displaying Birżebbuġa circa1880. Going uphill towards Għar Dalam..jpg

Birżebbuġa in 1910 – St George’s Bay

Displaying Birżebbuġa circa1910 St George's Bay..jpg

Birżebbuġa in 1910 – hotel Downdall at il-Qajjenza

Displaying Birżebbuġa Downdall's -hotel at il-Qajjenza circa1910.jpg

Birżebbuġa in 1900 – Pretty Bay

Displaying Birżebbuġa in circa 1900 Pretty Bay.jpg

Birżebbuġa in 1930’s – Kalafrana sea plane depot

Displaying Birżebbuġa kalafrana. Sea plane depot. 1930's.jpg

Birzebbuga in 1940’s – Lido Cinema with Belle Isle skating ring on the left

Displaying Birzebbuga Lido Cinema with Belle Isle skating ring on the left. 1940's.jpg

Birżebbuġa in 1930’s – St George’s bay with Shell fuel Depot in the background

Displaying Birżebbuġa St George's bay with Shell fuel Depot in the background in the 30's.jpg

Birżebbuġa in 1950’s – Pretty Bay

Displaying Pretty Bay in the early 50's.jpg

Pretty Bay in 1929

Displaying Birzebbuga 1929 Pretty Bay.jpg

Birżebbuġa aerial view in the 1970s

Displaying 1970's Pretty Bay Birzebbugaaerial view.jpg

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