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We want our readers to,


  • Read educational articles on how to better the spaces and places in their lives, from their home to their street to the offices.
  • Find out which professionals and brands are best for different kinds of projects in Malta and Gozo.
  • Stay on top of new solutions, products and ideas being put forward by local makers, homeowners, and brands.
  • Get an inside peek into places in Malta that exemplify great design and local character
  • Discover local professionals, experts, and talents and find out how they’re influencing Malta’s places, spaces, and streetscapes.

Think you can help us deliver this?

About our internship:

Internship with is project-based, not full-time.

An internship might look good on paper, but money does not grow on trees. With that in mind, how many hours you can dedicate to us is up to you.

Each Editorial campaign we assign you will come with its own workload, responsibilities, and deadlines.  You’ll be deciding which and how many editorial campaigns to take on with us.

You work remotely.

Office meetings are strictly mandatory, but beyond that, you can work wherever gets your juices flowing.

We don’t need you tapping away behind a monitor all day; on the contrary, most of our campaigns will require you to visit different stores, people, and places around Malta and Gozo.

Internship will last a minimum of three months

Upon completion of the internship, applicants will be offered a Freelance pay-per-project position. That means you’ll be able to continue writing with, and get paid!

Your initial rate will be based on the campaigns we want you to work on and your performance throughout our internship.

Introduce yourself to us! 

Send us an email at [email protected].

To assess if your work is the right fit, we’ll ask you to do one assignment based on the track you choose. If we like your work, we can kick start your internship.

  1. Send us your CV & tell us a little bit about yourself! Specify your focus: Design, or writing.
  2. Depending on your chosen track – whether design or writing, we’ll send one assignment. If we decide to publish the content, you’re in!
  3. Together, we’ll figure out what topics get your creative juices flowing.
  4. Buckle up! Each assignment comes with its own deadline and requirements.
  5. Halfway through your internship, we’ll review your work and give feedback.
  6. We’ll determine what kind of paid projects we would like you to work with us on once your internship is done.