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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Decor & Design

Stefano’s Industrial Masterpiece shows us what heart & mettle can do

For this article, we're showcasing Stefano Borg's apartment, a living space which he designed to epitomise all the key characteristics that make up this coveted style that's easy to spot, but hard to recreate.

Check this Art deco and Industrial-style stunner in Sliema

Most of the furniture in the house is custom made by David. Facebook marketplace is his favourite source for furniture and décor elements.

Making Malta’s Facades Great Again: Part I

In the words of MaltaDoors curator Lisa Gwen, “Beautiful towns like Burano or Cinque Terre [that attract thousands of tourists] did not come about and are not maintained by accident.”

Homes that move you: Architect & Designer Rebecca Zammit Shows us her House!

The internal skylight, while introducing light into the ground floor level, also serves as usable space on first floor. The walk on glass permits the usage of the library on the upper level.

How to design a Productive Home Office: 7 Research-backed Tips

It’s not hard to see the benefits to working from home: Imagine not having to deal with Malta’s traffic jams every morning (or worse, having to ride the bus!), the freedom to choose the environment you work in, and no noisy co-workers. But success comes with conditions: You need an iron will to stave off distractions, and to get yourself super organised.

10 Reasons why you should hire a local Creative to design your interiors

It’s time to toss out the idea that interior decorators, stylists, and designers are for the ‘rich and famous’.


How-to's & DIY

7 Ways to Create Shelter in your backyard or rooftop

It just takes one good awning, sail-away, pergola, curtain or umbrella to turn your rooftop into a tiny paradise.

How to Care for Your Carpets in Malta

It doesn’t help that they’ve been taken out of the game by hard-flooring for a while - a trend which we argued against in this article. Many of our readers did not agree with wall-to-wall carpeting, and we won't argue with their points, which included the well-known fact that Malta's weather and humidity make it a nightmare to keep carpets clean and tidy.

12 Renovations by Dabito to inspire your home’s next transformation

Design guru Dabito has worked with Facebook, Google, Amazon, Pepsi, eBay and many other major brands around the world. Check out why his use of colour and pattern mixing is so famous!

Help this local group reach more vulnerable homeowners who need groceries and supplies!

Know someone who needs groceries or supplies delivered? Send them this leaflet to give them quick access...

Tech Up Your House

6 Budget-Friendly Home Technologies to keep Electricity Bill low

One thing that is sometimes easy to notice between low and high-income households is their energy efficiency, consumption and electricity...

A 6-Step Guide to Lighting up your Kitchen

The Kitchen has become firmly entrenched as a mini work-hub: It’s where we sort mail, read, do our homework, prepare signature meals for a special occasion, and gather with our friends after dinner parties. This multi-functional, highly visible space needs layers of illumination to make it really shine, and this article will go over the different stages of how to light up your kitchen.

Latest News

Brighten your day (& your space) with these Serving Boards created by Clayton

Bespoke Build's serving trays are both fantastically functional and wonderful centerpieces for any kitchen, dining space, restaurant or hospitality establishment.

12 Recent Renovations by Maltese homeowners to inspire you

Creativity is contagious, and this is especially true when it comes to interior design and renovation. Maltese homeowners regularly take to internet...

Protected: From living in Oman to pioneering Maltese-inspired art, meet Stephanie & her collections!

Will you share with us a little bit about your childhood? I’d like to find out what inspired your interest in the...

This is what a Maltese apartment block should look like

Silvio Schembri, regular contributor at local Facebook group Id-Dar Maltija, posted two photos of an apartment block in Sliema that absolutely wowed...

8 STUNNING Maltese Houses on the market right now

Tired of the boring apartments designed like a matchbox? So is just about everyone, and for this reason, we decided to go...