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Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Decor & Design

7 Ways to Create Shelter in your backyard or rooftop

It just takes one good awning, sail-away, pergola, curtain or umbrella to turn your rooftop into a tiny paradise.

Meet Yael: The Designer behind this Sliema townhouse makeover!

The house in Sliema has been designed by Yael Golan and mixes a vibrant, colourful aesthetic with traditional Maltese elements

12 Recent Renovations by Maltese homeowners to inspire you

Creativity is contagious, and this is especially true when it comes to interior design and renovation. Maltese homeowners regularly take to internet...

Saving Malta’s Faces: A Chat with MaltaDoors curator Lisa Gwen

Here’s some advice: If you’re doing up your home’s porch or fixing up an old townhouse, and you want an exterior- from the door to the ironwork to the knockers - that arrests attention, is chiefly Maltese in character and will make your neighbours happy (and a tiny bit jealous), then there is a page you should look at for inspiration, and a person you should meet.

How-to sponge paint a wall and create a faux finish

Sponge painting is a simple, effective technique to add dimension, and texture to otherwise dull interior walls. Sponge...

Sights for sore eyes: 6 Buildings in Malta that You will Want to Own

A small group on Facebook , aptly named ‘Malta architectural pornography’ have been putting up photos of attractive buildings - from houses to churches to palazzos - in Malta that remind us of what our island still has a lot to offer.


How-to's & DIY

How-To: Apply Coatings for Rooftops in Malta

August’s last days of sunshine give us a good window of opportunity to do outdoor maintenance such as coating our rooftop without getting scorched by the sun. It's also followed by much colder and temperamental months - so don't wait too long if you think your rooftop needs some help.

WATCH: How to build chairs from pallets

Furnishing outdoor spaces, be that a tiny backyard or a big rooftop is becoming incredibly popular amongst Maltese homeowners. Investing in your...

How to: Pay your electricity and water bill online in Malta

If you used to pay your bills by going to the post office, you may have been prompted to phone them or...

6 Expert Tips for Visually Striking Interior Photos

This article will go through 13 nifty ideas to reduce the amount of clothes just taking up space in our wardrobes and maximise the storage space that you do have.

Tech Up Your House

6 Budget-Friendly Home Technologies to keep Electricity Bill low

One thing that is sometimes easy to notice between low and high-income households is their energy efficiency, consumption and electricity...

A 6-Step Guide to Lighting up your Kitchen

The Kitchen has become firmly entrenched as a mini work-hub: It’s where we sort mail, read, do our homework, prepare signature meals for a special occasion, and gather with our friends after dinner parties. This multi-functional, highly visible space needs layers of illumination to make it really shine, and this article will go over the different stages of how to light up your kitchen.

Latest News

Peculiar design choice raises lots of questions across Malta’s online circles

At House.mt, we try to focus our coverage on positive, uplifting design work in Malta, but even to us white-hat wearing writers,...

Żejtun Homeowner upcycles Cabinet with a traditional Maltese bus inspired design

Alex Caruana, a frequent contributor in the popular local private group Id-Dar Maltija, has transformed a cabinet by giving it a design...

GUEST POST: Detail is what separates the extraordinary from the ordinary

“Detail is what separates the extraordinary from the ordinary.” This has always been my motto when it comes...

It’s here! ‘Gray to Green’ Scheme Will Open on the 15th of February

Greening up the facade of your home, apartment block, shop or office is about to get easier thanks to the 'Gray to...

The best smart home devices for 2021

Unmatched in their potential for cost savings and convenience, the list of smart home products continues to grow in exciting directions: We...