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Upcycle: 8 Finds For Your Workspace Or Home Study

From furniture and units to machines and cameras, new gadgets to retro consoles, antique décor to traditional houses, the Marketplace is a rich resource that Maltese homeowners are rapidly tapping into to shop around for their needs.

Expats: Renting or moving to Malta? Patricia's Youtube channel is here to guide you

Patricia Graham is also spokesperson of Up In Arms Malta Residents Advisory Group. This Group was initially opened, when it was decided to pursue a Class Action against Arms Ltd in regards to the Domestic Residential rate that many were affected by.

Need a break from NEWS? Enjoy these stunning photos of privately-owned Maltese gardens (and meet Eva, the eye behind the lens)

For Eva, documenting Malta’s privately owned gardens was not on the agenda when she came to Malta, but the foliage peeking out over garden walls and onto the roads, teased her into asking a Maltese homeowner for a tour.

SURVEY: Rate these local buildings according to their beauty (and help an architecture student out)

It is now well established that we at House.mt love throwing judgments at design and architecture in Malta; but for this article, we'd like our readers (that's you) to sit on the chair and pass the verdicts.

10 Christmas Decoration ideas to transform your home for the festive season

Thanks to the fuels, energy-intensive processes such as the mass production of concrete and steel became a reality. Moreover,  the emergence of electrical lifts in 1887 meant cities could grow up. Not keen on having giant tinderboxes, we took wood out of the equation.

Need help greening up? These 7 Maltese Gardening Groups are a treasure trove of tips and ideas

Greening up in Malta? Here's a list of the best local Facebook groups that'll make it easy!