Need help greening up? These 7 Maltese Gardening Groups are a treasure trove of tips and ideas

Greening up in Malta? Here’s a list of the best local Facebook groups that’ll make it easy!

10 Restoration works around Malta we think deserve applause (and your attention)

10 Restoration works around Malta we think deserve applause (and your attention)

7 stunning photos of local gardens on Maltese page Green Patches

Green Patches is a great online group populated by gardening enthusiasts who share tips, photos, and problems. You’ll find both experienced vetarans who can answer almost any question, and new homeowners who have just started to tinker.

The Eco Market Malta is Back: Stalls, workshops and talks this July at Fort St. Elmo

For this article, we want to highlight some of the workshops and talks that will be held at the marketplace on Friday and Saturday.

Edibles to grow around your house that will live for Malta’s Summer heat

Malta’s Summer months may make everyone feel like we’re in a desert, but they actually provide the perfect melting pot for edible plants, veggies and flowers to come alive.

Want to green up your house? This FB Group of Maltese gardeners will help!

We all like to picture it: Growing fresh basil and tomatoes in the backyard, lining our interiors with beautiful pots, parenting plants and watching them grow steadily – few can argue against the benefits – both functional and aesthetic – to greening up our urban spaces.

Terracotta pot

Meet Christopher: Local Cacti & Succulents Enthusiast Making Pots Inspired by Maltese Art

Pots are turning into an opportunity for the homeowner to create something quirky, personal, or unique in their home. This usually involves repainting pots bought at garden centres, repurposing items you wouldn’t expect into pots, and in the case of Christopher Zammit, handcrafting the pots yourself to create captivating, intricate pieces.

rooftop garden: underneath the pergola

How a Family in Żabbar turned their Rooftop into a Garden

In one of our very first articles, we discussed the fantastic opportunity homeowners in Malta have to turn the space our flat rooftops provide us with into gardens. Two weeks ago, our team got to visit a family in Malta who has done this, and we were blown away. This is the story:

Turn your rooftop into a garden with these 7 steps

Pissed at the uprooting of trees in Malta? Things are looking up. Literally, on your rooftop. Maltese homes are known for their spacious rooftops, and building your own small garden is an excellent way to make use of otherwise wasted space…