This family in Marsaxlokk just built a Greenhouse on their Rooftop, take a look!

Some of us spent our time in quarantine recharging our batteries (i.e binging Netflix), others, like the Aquilina family, used their time to design, build and finish a greenhouse using recycled materials.

Nothing adds character into a place like a creation of your own making, and for the Aquilina family, making things from scratch is a long-established tradition.

In fact, the greenhouse is not the only construction by the trio, with the facade and porch also featuring a number of creations by the household.

The family’s house is also popular for the timely decorations during seasonal events, feasts and holidays like carnival, Halloween and Christmas.

We have a diverse range of plants, edible and medicinal, that live for Malta’s sun and warm climate and the next two months offer a great opportunity for households who want to grow some vegetables, herbs or plants on their rooftop or balcony.

A number of commentators on Facebook either suggested the family turn the greenhouse into a BBQ hub, or requested the trio to build something for their own house. We are of the opinion that every rooftop should, if possible, include both a greenhouse and a BBQ.

Quarantine wasn’t easy on anyone, but it did galvanize many local homeowners and families to green up, renovate and catch up with their homes. Local pages like id-Dar Maltija are brimming with great photos of local house projects recently carried out. We hope this trend continues!

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