The Eco Market is back this July on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 at Fort St Elmo.

The marketplace features several approved and vetted vendors with local fresh organic produce, natural food and snacks.

You’ll also find kiosks and stands making available ethical fashion, toys and housewares, natural and non-toxic personal care products, décor, arts and crafts. Besides market stalls by sustainable businesses and ethical local artisans, NGOs, Social Enterprises, and various talents will be giving workshops and talks. It’s the perfect place to find out how to better the way you consume step by step, choose what to best spend money on, and take care of your body.

Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown, and sometimes that’s how the Facebook dashboard feels like. It treats you like royalty and keeps you us on top of what’s going on, but makes you feel like you’re in World War Tree when every headline bodes bad news for Malta’s agricultural land and environment. It’s good to listen to what other people are saying and to have conversations online,  but for a greener, healthiet Malta, it’s worth taking an extra step. Just attending local initiatives is a great first step to empower local vendors, NGOs, and groups fighting for Malta’s green side. When it comes to Malta, we’re all its homeowners!

The next Eco Market will be held on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 July from 5pm to 10pm. Read our previous article to find out more about what the Eco Market offers and why it deserves your attention. For this article, we want to highlight some of the workshops and talks that will be held at the marketplace on Friday and Saturday.

Workshop: How to Grow your own Food – even if you don’t have a garden

By Nadia Cassar

Before devoting her energies to transitioning into a healthier, greener and more balance lifestyle, Nadia Cassar worked in senior management and had a work-health ratio most people in Malta are intimately familiar with: Work 8 or more hours, survive from nearest and cheapest supermarkets, replace proper play-time that gets you pumped with fancy dinners, postpone exercise indefinitely, rinse and repeat. In the short run, it’s convenient; after ten years, it gives root to the majority of the physical and mental ailments people suffer from. After battling a serious disease and wrestling herself back to health, Nadia dedicated her time to learning and practicing a healthier, better lifestyle for herself, and now, she coaches people from all walks of life to take the first step in the green side.

In this workshop, find out

  • How simple it is to grow some of your food at home, in your yard, roof or balcony, even if you don’t have a garden!
  • How to improve your eating habits
  • The importance of healthy soil
  • How to fertilize with natural soil amendments
  • How to read package labels
  • Understanding the difference between organic and non-organic foods
  • The dilemma between local vs overseas food items
  • How nature, the environment and growing your own food can contribute to good health, and how you can start making use of it today

Workshop will run from 6-8pm
Price is €12

Free Workshop: Stories of Colour

by Sonia Saro Suraci

Stories of colors workshop banner

The ancient art of dying is back and is being used in contemporary fashion collections thanks to an authentic and Eco sustainable manufacturing process. During this workshop you will learn this old art of dying textiles in an organic, natural way. You will also learn to appreciate the brilliant craftsmanship behind this process together with the radiance of the colour ‘Blue Gold’.

Friday and Saturday, 8pm-9pm

Soap Nuts Workshop

by Cane Vella, Get Trashed Malta

How to grow your own food - Workshop banner

A workshop that will involve an active discussion of making sustainable choices and reasoning as we live in a world which makes choices very challenging. We will hold this discussion workshop over a pan of soap nuts being processed into different types of soap that can be used for the body, cleaning clothes and household products. and ultimately it will readily compost leaving no trace of harmful chemicals or micro plastic beads.

Non-toxic living with essential oils

by Luke Vella, Mr Sprout – Empowering you / Do Terra

workshop: non toxic living with essential oils banner

The aim of this workshop is to assist an easy shift in your lifestyle to a non-toxic one through the use of essentials oils. There are more than 90 types of essential oils, each with its own unique smell and potential health benefits. We will introduce some of the most popular and multi-useful oils. Through this workshop you also have the opportunity to learn how to make your own household product, which you can take with you against a small donation of 5 euros.

Create Connections – Workshop for Adults

by Marta Kurzynska – STH from NTH.

Discover creative communications skills with others through this challenging workshop designed on the principles of up-cycling. Join this in insightful and fun activity perfect to do with friends, family or even strangers to help you get to know each other better and build special bonds.

Friday 26 and Saturday 27 July from 6pm to 7pm
Price: Eur 15 per game (4-5 people)

Transition Times for Agriculture in Malta

By Emanuela de Giorgio, The Veg Box

transition times for agriculture in Malta

What does it take to create long-lasting positive change when it comes to the local agriculture scene? What is the best way to connect a community of farmers and consumers?

Will a centralised concept store be a good solution for our little island? During this presentation Emanuela will take us through a new project idea to increase awareness about healthy eating, sustainable food, education and so much more. This is the occasion to join in the discussion and voice your opinion. What would you like to see more of? What would you like to learn about? What kind of activities are you craving for? The Veg Box team will help you brainstorm various possibilities and analyse ideal and practical visions. Come hear more about them and see how you can get involved and inspired.

Ready to make walking on the green side your personal runway?

Our team at House Malta is always on the look-out for spaces, places, and things that are being built up, torn down, modernised, restored, or re-purposed – be it by a big team or a one-man(or woman)-army.


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