6 Locals who are smashing the gardening game

A staggering body of studies make it clear: people really benefit from being in the company of plants. Plants help our brain chemistry by beautifying our surroundings; they keep us healthy by purifying the air around us, and they compel us to carry out light to moderate exercise when we shovel, dig, chop, rake, water or prune.

Whether you’re trying to recover from a stressful event, beat an addiction, or simply trying to improve your lifestyle, we encourage you to consider gardening (along with exercise) as a valuable – if not the primary – tool to achieve your goals.

For this article, we’ve selected six local gardeners in Malta who are inspiring thousands of locals who follow Maltese gardening group Green Patches. Green Patches is one of a number of local groups dedicated to sharing photos, tips and guides on gardening and plant care. Whether you have a large backyard or a nook in the corner, these groups are a tremendously useful resource if you want to green up your space.

1. Ray Forder-Stent

2. Ethelbert Duka

3. Kersty Saliba

4. Christopher Azzopardi

We’ve featured Christopher Azzopardi before, take a look at his collection of cacti and succulents!

5. Liz Vella

6. Mark Cassar

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