16 Maltese homeowners who are building gorgeous gardens

As a nation, we do not have the best track record with caring after our trees in the streets, but when it comes to gardening and greening up our homes, lots of Maltese homeowners are making great strides.

For this article, we want to honour homeowners in Malta who are doing a terrific job at cultivating a green space in their home, whether that’s a couple of containers or an expansive backyard. To create our list, we look at Malta’s go-to-pages for plant lovers, homeowners with a green thumb or just regular folks who want to get into gardening and greening up. In this article, we’re specifically looking at homeowners who’ve shared pictures of their gardens on Green Corner Gardening.

Green Corner Gardening, administrated by Sharon Debattista and Daniel Borg, provides a space for people to ask questions, share their gardening triumphs and help each other.

1. Silvana Bugeja

Silvana submitted her photo on Green Corner Gardening for a competition hosted by Sharon, the group’s admin and won after receiving the most likes. Green Corner Gardening isn’t about competition, but they regularly engage in group contests and fun challenges.

We really love the way Silvana repurposed and upcycled different items, from chairs to a bicycle in order to create a wonderful patch of green.

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2. Victoria Fenech

Victoria’s colourful display of orchids and roses are a feast for the eyes that we couldn’t leave off this list. 😍

3. Leo Scicluna

“Il-Galletta” needs lots of water and shade to grow well, so it’s not always easy to get it right. We can’t get over how well this Galletta is doing under the careful hands of Leo.

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4. Sharon Debattista

Sharon’s not only the group’s administrator, she’s easily one of the most passionate gardeners on our rock, and it shows: Sharon regularly post pictures of her triumphs and challenges to the group. She also writes up detailed guides; for example, this is a comprehensive walkthrough on how to grow and care for Hoya plant flowers.

5. John Caruana

John has been carefully growing his Lampranthus spectabilis (Trailing Ice Plant) for over 3 years. John gives it lots of fertilizer all year round but especially in Spring to keep it fat and happy. John notes that this plant flowers for around three weeks during May.

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6. Wendy Agius

Wendy decided to transform quarantine induced boredom into creativity. With some expanding foam and colour, Wendy created a lovely pot for her plant.

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7. Lorraine Montanaro

Lorraine got this quirky and eccentric spider Chrysanthemum from Greens Supermarket, once again proving that plants are a great way to spice up both your home and your store!

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8. Doreen Attard

Doreen took two pictures, first one in the afternoon, the second photo she took the next morning at 10:00AM. Look at the difference!

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9. Kevin Gerada

Kevin combined his love of plants with his passion for DIY to create this wall-mounted display of plants, and we think it’s adorable.

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10. Tania Cauchi

Tania’s garden takes a lot of us on a trip down memory lane. We’re also especially impressed by that Galletta!

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11. Irina Malikova

Irina’s green patch may be just a corner in a garden, but it’s brimming with life, colour and diversity. Irina is also happy to exchange and barter plants, so contact her if something catches your eye!

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12. Diane Tanti

The first photo on the left showcases a relatively new plant Diane bought, but the other two have been in Diane’s home for over a decade and bloom every year.

13. Jane Pedronan Romulo

Jane shared photos her son’s orchids on the group, and we must we’re absolutely head over heels in love with the pots, placement and variety.

14. Bernadette Darmanin

Bernadette is focusing her greening up efforts indoors, and in our opinion, she’s doing a wonderful job at it.

15. Spiteri Jean Claude

Finally, we would like to feature this feast of colour Jean Claude is curating; we’re excited to see how this garden grows!

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16. Liz Vella

Liz is one of the major contributors to Green Corners Gardening, the gardening aficionado dedicates her time to caring after her garden and supporting local initiatives to protect Malta’s green spaces. If we had to elect a board of members to care after Malta, we’d nominate Liz in a heartbeat!

Do you know someone who’s doing a great job greening up their home?

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