10 Maltese Suppliers of Butcher Block Countertops

We’re building upon our last article on the Butcher block, where we discussed the different kinds that exist and how to maintain them; this time, we’re listing the suppliers in Malta who confirmed to us that they offer butcher blocks.

Guide to maintaining and choosing Butcher Block Countertops in Malta

For this article, we focus on what makes a butcher’s block different from other options on the market, and how to maintain it.

8 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations to Spook Up your House

Oftentimes, lack of time and little money to spare means our ghoulish plans are cut short for this time of the year. From our end, we believe we can’t call our blog House.mt without helping fellow homeowners give life to a couple of nightmares.

Msida Bar and St. Paul’s Bay Home Suffer Damage from Nearby Construction

Double trouble came today as a wall collapsed and a ceiling was turned to rubble.

After widespread objections, Rabat Townhouses Rescued

Developer Keith Grima has rescinded his application to turn townhouses in Saqajja Square and St Augustine’s Avenue to a boutique hotel after widespread objections.

Time to move out? Here’s the best strategy to save money in the long-run

No doubt about it, buying a home in Malta is an expensive business. Not only have Maltese house prices soared over the last few years, but also associated costs have also increased, by about 3% in the last year alone.

5 Questions to ask before you restore or refurbish

make sure your costs don’t skyrocket, the works get done well, and that you stay out of legal trouble.

From Id-Dar Maltija: 7 Tips for keeping old limestone healthy

For this article, we’ve decided to highlight 7 solutions provided by members of Id-Dar Maltija worth keeping in mind

Restoring stone: 8 Tips for using hydraulic lime and cement from local homeowners

With its promise of easy remote control over many components of our home, from the fridge to the door, it’s usefulness in our homes is hard to ignore. 

Take a look: Upcycling Market Tomorrow at Ħamrun by local NGO Fondazzjoni Sebħ

Green Patches is a great online group populated by gardening enthusiasts who share tips, photos, and problems. You’ll find both experienced vetarans who can answer almost any question, and new homeowners who have just started to tinker.