Help this local group reach more vulnerable homeowners who need groceries and supplies!

Know someone who needs groceries or supplies delivered?

Send them this leaflet to give them quick access to free deliveries to their doorstep and if you have a minute or two, give a copy at local meeting points that are opening up thanks to the lift in restrictions.

A trustworthy volunteer from Invisible Hands Malta will contact them right away via phone and bring the items right to their door.

Invisible Hands Malta is a group created by Daniel Go, founder at CoCoHub, who saw what was happening in NYC in early March and recognized the urgent need for a reliable service that delivers groceries, medication, and other essential items to those for whom the coronavirus pandemic is most threatening.

Invisible Hands is powered by engaged, healthy volunteers who deliver groceries, medication, and other essential items to those who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19. The group is primarily focused on supporting the elderly, disabled and immunocompromised.

Given what’s currently known about COVID-19 transmission methods, InvisibleHands ensures that its deliveries are as contactless as possible. On the other hand, volunteers will happily engage the phone with callers and are happy to provide both aid and conversation during this isolating time.

Here’s how you get a delivery through Invisible Hands:

  1. Fill out the Request a Delivery form. Invisible Hands Malta will search through their pool of volunteers and match you with an available volunteer who lives near you.
  2. Wait for a phone call from the volunteer in your neighborhood who’ll be completing your delivery, so you can confirm with them exactly what you need and where you need it from. We want to make sure we get it right!
  3. Coordinate your grocery payment in one of three ways:
    • Call the store in advance to place your order, and pay with your credit card over the phone (be sure to let them know someone else will be picking it up on your behalf!);
    • Provide your volunteer with cash before they complete the order;
    • Reimburse your volunteer (via app, cash or check) after they pick up your items.
  4. Listen for your doorbell to ring as your volunteer drops off your food and steps at least 6 feet away from your door! Your receipt will be in the bag. Voilà!

Do you have some free time to volunteer? Join Invisible Hands Malta!

You can request to join by visiting their website here.

Find out more about Invisible Hands Malta in this interview: