8 perfect space-saving gardening ideas for small areas

Small gardens are intimate spaces that require careful thought when choosing features and plants. But just because you have a small garden, doesn’t mean you should design it with less zeal than a large and spacious one. Any size yard can be turned into an oasis.

There are a number of ways you could turn your small space into a green haven. And you won’t have to break the bank (or your back).

If you want some additional advice from some local gardening aficionados, check out this list of Facebook groups.

Let’s get started.

Upcycled Furniture Garden

Don’t throw out old furniture. Repurpose it instead. This garden idea by the gardenloversclub is a great alternative to disposing of furniture that can’t be re-bought or recycled.

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Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason jars are perfect for growing and storing herbs. Plus, what’s better than cooking with homegrown greens?

Vertical Garden Wall

This vertical plant wall is the perfect project for anyone who loves DIY. It’s so easy to make and it saves you tons of space. Check out the instructions on how to put this together here.

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The Garden Tower

The garden tower allows you to grow as many as 50 different plants in 4sq feet. If that wasn’t enough, it needs minimal upkeep and no weeding is required. Even assembling it is a walk in the park. Need more information? Click here.


Portable Container Garden

This is another variety of the vertical garden wall shown above. You’ll have more floor room without having to sacrifice your beautiful flowers. Why not emulate this photo below? Bring loads of brightness to your garden by painting your pots in an array of assorted colours.

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Spread out

Who knew that growing your own fruit could be this beautiful?

It does look complicated design, but don’t be fooled. To get this end result, all it takes is some hooks, wire, and patience. In a few years, you’ll have your own orchard within arms reach. Apples, pears, and plums can grow this way.

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Hanging Plants

Like the previous entry, this looks kind of difficult to make at first glance. But looks can be deceiving. You could even take this garden idea indoors to bring some greenery to your living space. Click here to find out how to do it.

Vertical Garden Tower

If you have access to empty crates, don’t chuck them out. Crates are amazing materials to upcycle and create new and funky furniture out of.

This garden idea is one of them. Save space in your garden by potting plants directly over each other in this modern yet rustic design.