We all like to picture it: Growing fresh basil and tomatoes in the backyard, lining our interiors with beautiful pots, parenting plants and watching them grow steadily – few can argue against the benefits – both functional and aesthetic – to greening up our urban spaces.

But, here’s the kicker: Between the hot, dry summers, and busy schedules, Maltese homeowners tend to struggle with keeping plants alive or dedicating enough time to learn how to inject greenery into their urban homes.

It may be a happy consequence of us becoming more aware of rising pollution and more cars in our streets, but from your reactions to our content so far, we’re guessing Maltese homeowners are keen on turning a new green page. It’s just quite difficult, plants don’t take kindly to drastic temperature changes (which we suffer from), don’t fare well in windy spots, and require a lot of dedication.

Growing our own plants and vegetables is not exactly foreign to Malta. Not too long ago, farming was the main economic driver for most towns and villages in our islands, and even Marsaxlokk, famously known as a fishing village, actually had more farmers than fishermen. Modern industries brought to our island many boons, but we need to be well aware that supermarkets which import goods are effectively driving local farmers and producers to a slow extinction. (With this in mind, it’s hard to blame farmers for selling their land away).

Shall we do away with supermarkets? We don’t think that’s going to make things work better, and all is far from lost: One modern invention is actually helping gardeners and Maltese homeowners reinvest in a greener lifestyle. And that’s Facebook. Local gardening enthusiasts have created a Facebook Group to help each other grow different species of plants, showcase their results (and share tips), and update members on upcoming bazaars, exhibitions, and farmer markets that feature local produce.

Created on Jun 24, 2012, Green Patches – Gardening in Malta has accumulated over 15000 followers, remains very active, and is an excellent resource for Maltese homeowners to up their gardening skills, get some advice on how to green up a house or office, or just share your own green conquests.

The group features local gardeners and gardening specialists, landscapists, and many homeowners ready to help you with anything related to garden care, tree planting, pruning, and plant care.

Do you know any other page or website that is helpful to Maltese homeowners or office owners who want to green up their spaces? Comment below!