Ideabook: House Malta’s Favourite TV Units, Walls & Cabinets

Seeking inspiration for how living room’s TV wall?

For the modern Maltese home, today’s living room often also doubles as a media room; figuring out how to frame and feature your TV has become as important a question as which sofa to go for.

You’re still just as likely to see a sofa, coffee table, chairs, chaise lounges, and decorative pillows in a living room, but for many homeowners, no living room is complete without a TV, a sound system, and other electronic devices, from PlayStations to blu-ray players.

Depending on your taste and preference, there’s a number of directions you can go for. Whether that’s a simple floating shelf that accentuates minimalism, a cabinet that exudes class, or a fully-furnished feature wall. In this article, we take a look at inspiring designs with different design styles, materials and budgets in mind.

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Beige, tan and ivory colours are excellent complements to wooden furniture. For your walls and accents, we recommend sticking to neutrals, and then adding colour through your accents, metals and plants. If you’re certain about adding colour, deep greens (earth), oranges (sun) and blues (sea) are wonderful choices to complement natural materials such as wood, especially in red, brown or blonde hues.
Weaving Natural Mango Wood Sideboard | Swoon Editions

Paints and colours

Opting for a heavy-colour room is a bold choice, but with the right guidelines, can work spectacularly well. Note how, in the pictures below, the furniture is either the same colour as the walls, very neutral, or evokes heavy contrast. If you seek to evoke contrast between furniture and wall colour, we recommend doing so carefully – if you’re opting for blue walls, then only introduce reds or yellows via accents or centerpieces.

Notice how in the first picture below, most of the room’s accents, ornaments, knobs and fabrics are yellow. The armchair is the only piece of furniture in red.

Doherty Design Studio
How to Design the Ultimate Family-Friendly Media Room & Wet Bar
TV unit
Orren Ellis Fly A5 35TV Wall Mounted Floating Modern Entertainment Centre Colour: White
House Tour: A Minimal, Bold & Graphic Condo in Portland | Apartment Therapy


Introducing metal into a room? Remember to keep these rules in mind:

  • You can mix different metals, but don’t add more than 3 different metals.
  • Instead of going for many different metals, considering using one metal but in different finishes.
  • Balance cool and warm-hued metals: think black and brass, for example.
  • Use mirrors, glossy surfaces and glass to accentuate metallic reflections
  • Use trinkets and accent pieces to introduce variety
  • Do not be afraid to mix metals with more traditionally natural décor, whether that’s wood, plants, or soft furnishings.

Wallpapers and prints

Wallpapers are a powerful and effective way to dramatically change a room’s appearance without having to spend a lot of money. Many Maltese homeowners believe wallpapers will deteriorate quickly because of our weather and humidity, but it’s worth keeping in mind that technology has improved by leaps and bounds, and wallpapers are much sturdier than they used to be.

We installed Wallpaper at TV Unit
Home Living Rom TV Wall Decoration 3D PVC Stone Effect 1.06x10m Korean  Wallpaper
Amazing Modern Wallpaper for Interior Walls | Striped wallpaper living  room, Stripe wallpaper bedroom, Bedroom tv wall


We live in a time where a lot of the furniture that we buy for our homes is mass-manufactured, this can make it difficult to make your interiors feel personal or different. Patterns are a great way to add character and create something memorable. If you want to keep things minimal, complement your patterned furniture with neutral soft furnishings to down down the look. If you don’t mind experimenting, considering mixing different patterns and colours. One simple rule to remember? Either stick to one base colour, or if you want more than one colour, stick to one base pattern.

West Elm Audrey Media Table Console 3D Model 1


If you don’t fancy your living room to be just like everybody else’s, and you want an interior space that is unique to you, then we strongly recommend upcycled furniture. You don’t need every furniture piece to be upcycled, just one item can be enough to dramatically differentiate your space.

Take a look at some of our favourite upcyclers:

Sideboards – Page 2 – Studio27
Vintage Retro Sideboard Upcycled Sideboard Teak Sideboard
Found it at - Soleil TV Stand


Just because your house’s interior design style is contemporary doesn’t mean you can’t go against the grain by opting for a vintage TV cabinet, unit or console. Mixing the traditional with the contemporary is a fantastic way to make your place feel timeless.

Vintage Sideboard Buffet Drinks cabinet TV unit Farmhouse Barn | Etsy
Luxury Art Deco Great Gatsby Style Posh Tropical Vintage 1960's Retro Botanical Credenza Sideboard T

Aparadores de Diseño
LERONAVIPFURNITURE on Instagram: “Contact whatsapp +905326002261 #mobilya #dekorasyon #tasarim #design #içmimar#bedroom#dolap…”

Art deco

For those who wish they could live in The Great Gatsby and can’t pass up a geometric pattern, Art Deco style can bring all the glamour of the Roaring ’20s to a 21st-century space. Art Deco, short for Arts Décoratifs, is characterized by rich colors, bold geometry, and decadent detail work. Think bright and deep yellows, reds, blues, greens, pinks, and purples, accompanied by softer creams and beiges to soften up your art deco look.

Hiding the TV

It’s a truth, almost universally acknowledged, that a modern living room will likely have a TV, but it’s equally evident that TV and media consoles can be real eyesores. Fortunately, there’s a number of nifty ways to disguise and retract your TV.


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A pallet affair

A rustic approach

Industrial style

Minimalist floating shelf

Farmhouse-style furniture

DIY Farmhouse TV Console with Sliding Barn Doors - Crafted by the Hunts

Green media rooms

Living rooms are becoming so media-centered that they are often referred to as the ‘media rooms’. One effective way to balance out the tech-heavy nature of media consoles and devices is to introduce plants, greenery and natural elements into your space. It’s worth noting that pollution inside our homes can actually be a lot higher than air pollution outdoors, vertical green wall systems and air-purifying plants are not only a great décor decision, they’re wonderful for your health.

Give a fresh look to your living room with this artificial leaf panels. |  Living room decor on a budget, Artificial grass wall, House plants decor
Blue wall with tv stand And macramé plant hanging bar. Ikea Bestå. | Blue  walls, Living room pillows, Blue living room
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