Meet Vivacity, the team greening up Malta’s walls and rooftops!

VIVACITY, experts in Mediterranean green infrastructure, are making available stunning green wall and roof systems to Maltese homeowners.

Do you have an empty roof or a bland ordinary wall that could do with a little oomph? With a one-off cost, VIVACITY will be able to install a low-to-no maintenance green roof and/or green wall for you. Maintain your green roof, install dual ceiling fans for both summer and winter and you will be reducing your energy bills, insulating and protecting your home, greening Malta, improving biodiversity and improving air pollution in your locality.

It is now well known that we at complain some might say too often about the need to green Malta up and beautify our architecture; now, don’t get us wrong, exposing problems is important, but we also believe nothing compares to empowering bright, green solutions.

We met with Pia Vassallo, representative at Vivacity, on a visit to the Ecomarket – a monthly local market held by green and sustainable organisations in Malta. If you’d like to know more about the eco-market, read on here for more information.

Here’s a little bit more about the green systems installed by VIVACITY.

VIVACITY is run by Vanya, a professional environmental economist

Vanya Veras, the Managing Director of VIVACITY, is an environmental economist with over 20 years of experience, working in Brussels and Greece, on environmental issues and waste management legislation, systems, and practices. What we’re saying is, you’re in safe hands.

The green rooftops and walls have been tried and tested for over 10 years

Their system has been successfully implemented in Greece since 2007, and Israel since 2011, with over 18,000 square metres of green roof installed to date, all thriving with very little water and no maintenance. Maltese homeowners have been employing VIVACITY’s ecosystems since 2018.

It’ll help your home stay cooler during summer

VIVACITY’s green roof and wall systems provide insulation to the building while mimicking the local Mediterranean ecosystem. Green roofs and walls have been proven to lower the temperature of the building structure, both by shading and insulating. This improves the energy efficiency of the building, making renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, better at providing all of the building’s energy needs, as well as lowering CO2 emissions and running costs.

You’ll save money 

In a regular Maltese home, walls and roofs will reach a temperature of 80°C by 10am during summer. Exhaust from cars will also increase outdoor heat by up to 5°C. As a result, air-conditioners will struggle to provide a comfortable, healthy indoor temperature. By improving insulation, air-conditioning will become more effective. In the long run, you’ll be able to reduce electricity demand for heating and cooling by up to 75% – and that’s with just 50% roof coverage!

They’re specifically designed for our climate

Unlike other green systems on the market, VIVACITY’s techniques are specifically adapted to withstand the extremes of the Maltese climate, from hot and dry to high winds and heavy rains. As such, it’s the only system available in Malta that’s able to do this while also being lightweight (50 kilograms per 2 metres when saturated with water).

You won’t have to do anything

VIVACITY’s systems rapidly develop into a maintenance-free ecosystem, absorbing up to 18 tons of CO2 per 100 square metres per year, which is a very important asset to buildings in Malta since we have the highest recorded air pollution within the EU.

Installation is very fast

Your new rooftop garden or green wall can be installed in a very short time, usually within a couple of days depending on the size of the area to be greened.

Head on over to their site at where you can look at loads more information on the benefits of using VIVACITY’s services, as well as their contact details to book a visit so they’ll be able to give you a quote on installing your new sustainable rooftop garden or green wall.

Keep an eye out for future articles where we’ll be taking an in-depth look at how VIVACITY install their rooftop gardens and green walls!

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