How to hire a local professionals for your home with

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Looking for an interior designer with artistic flair to help you decorate and furnish your home? Need to have your property maintained and cleaned? Is your backyard in need of landscaping? By simply answering a few questions on our website, you can now get quotations and callbacks from local professionals who offer the service you’re looking for.

Hiring a professional using our platform is easy and, more importantly, free! To find out a little bit about how you can grow your business with us, we recommend taking a look at our article which explains how can help you grow your business.

Here’s a quick walkthrough (for a closer look at our infographic, just click on it)

Go to

The House platform is split into two parts: First, you have the blog, where we publish articles featuring local homeowners, artisans, brands, and experts; and, as of the first of March, there’s the service finding engine homepage, which you can access by typing in

Choose the Service that you need

Select the category that most closely describes what you’re looking for and hit Let’s Go!

We’ll be working on making our search bar more responsive, so you can find the service you’re looking for even simpler!

Answer our multiple-choice questions

Questions will be easy and quick – Each time you tick an answer, click ENTER on your keyboard or select ‘Continue’ (on the bottom right corner of the screen).

Our robots will deliver your request to the right professionals

The answers you provide us will be sent via email to the professionals who can help you.

Professionals registered on will review your request

Pros get a time window of around three days to check if they’d like to do the work you’ve asked for. You’ll only hear from professionals who have read what you want and thus know for sure they can do the work you need!

Professionals will contact you

They’ll contact you using the details you provide, so make sure you input them correctly! Don’t want to input contact details every time you request? Register as a Homeowner – we’ve didn’t want to overcomplicate things, so you’ll only have to write your name and email.

Review the service you got!

We’re currently working with our developers on refining our review system – we’ll keep you updated as this progresses.

Reviews help future homeowners choose the right pros, so they’re definitely worth a blink of your time!

Are you a homeowner and a professional?

If you want to receive requests by homeowners looking for services that you offer, we suggest reading this article on how you can register your business. It’s free and easy!

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