How can help you Grow your Home Improvement business (and how it works)

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It takes a village to turn a house into a home. And with this line stamped in our mind, we’re excited to announce a new way for local professionals to get discovered, connect with homeowners and service seekers, and build their profile through House Malta. On the 1st of March, we will be launching a Service Seeking Engine designed to connect local home improvement professionals with homeowners looking for services they offer.

How will it work?

Our Service Seeking Engine will give our readers the ability to connect with home improvement local professionals. Using the Engine will be easy: After you select the service you’re looking for and answer some questions about your needs, our engine will send requests for quotations directly to the relevant professionals. Professionals who agree to your request will then send you a quotation and contact details within 72 hours.

Who is it for?

Artists, artisans, sole traders, and business owners who offer services or products related to home décor, upkeep, landscaping, design, furnishing, renovation, or any other home improvement are invited to subscribe to our Service Seeking Engine. Subscription is easy, quick, and free.

How can I sign up?

To sign up to our Service Seeking Engine, click here, or select REGISTER on the top right corner of our webpage, which will take you to our registration page. Once the page loads, scroll down, input your business name, email, and phone number, along with the category/ies your services fall under.

Is there a fee involved?

Registration is FREE. A small fee is ONLY incurred if you decide to take on a request for your services by a homeowner. If you do not accept requests for work, you incur no expense.

What are the benefits for a local professional?

Pay only for the requests you accept

A massive advertisement campaign can look appealing on paper, but the great achilles heel of advertisement is that you never know how much of the money you spent you’re going to get back. With our engine, you do not pay anything unless you choose to accept a request sent to you by a homeowner that’s looking for your service.

Direct reach from relevant interested clients

Instead of emptying your pockets on adverts anyone can see, will directly connect you with individuals who are seeking a service or product you offer.

Increase your chance of conversions

Requests by homeowners are automatically sent to the relevant professionals by our virtual robots, lovingly built by the developers who work behind the curtains at As a professional, you can then send a quotation to those requests which you would like to take on a business. You won’t need to find contact details or make any calls – our robots will send and deliver for you!

Accept requests at your own time

Currently going through a busy patch? Ignoring requests does not impact the listing of your business in any way.

Know your client’s needs before committing

When our robots deliver a request to you, you will be able to

  • review the details of the request
  • choose between different requests, according to what’s more profitable or easier to deliver
  • select requests you would like to take on, and send back quotations to the homeowners.

Our new Service Finder Engine will be launched on the first of March.

Until the launch, professionals who sign up to our Service Seeking Engine get special bundle rates!

We created House Malta because we believe nourished spaces are the key to positive experiences. With this in mind, we’ve published articles that put the spotlight on families who turned flat rooftops into lush gardens on a budget, enthusiasts who approached the decoration of space with difference and creativity, and curious minds who have built archives from the authentic, quirky beauty our islands offer.

We want to keep doing this, and our Service Seeking Engine gives us another reason to keep on writing. We want our blog to act as a platform where homeowners can share ideas, review service providers, learn more about the different professionals subscribed to, and become discerning customers.

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