You can now register your Home Improvement business with for FREE!

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Our Service Seeking Engine is up! Artists, artisans, sole traders, and business owners who offer services or products related to home décor, upkeep, landscaping, design, furnishing, cleaning, renovation, or any other home improvement are invited to subscribe as professionals.

Service Seeking Engine sounds grand, but that’s because our writers have a flair for the dramatics – the House engine is actually pretty simple to use, quick to sign up with, and free.

Simple put: Once you’re registered, our system will automatically forward to you – via the email you choose – requests by homeowners who use our online engine to search for services that you offer.

Over the last couple of months, while we (the writers) chased after homeowners, experts, and makers we’d like to feature in our articles, the development team behind has been crafting a tool that connects homeowners with local professionals.

If you’d first like to know more about how can help you grow your Home Improvement business, you may want to take a look at this article.

This is how the system will work for you if you’re a professional:

If you’re a homeowner who wants to use our engine to look for professions, head to this article for a brief, easy walkthrough.

For a closer look at our infographic, just click on the image to the right >

infographic for professionals

  1. Register yourself as a PRO

To sign up to our Service Seeking Engine, click here, or select REGISTER AS A PRO on our webpage, which will take you to our registration page. Make sure you use your working email – requests by homeowners will be sent to you via the email you give us!

  1. Our robots will email you requests by homeowners

Now that our Service Seeking Engine is officially up, anyone can use our website to connect with home improvement local professionals. Including you! On the homepage, homeowners in Malta and Gozo will select services they need and answer a few questions about what they want. If the service happens to be one you offer, our robots will send you this request via email!

  1. Open the email and read the details of the quotation.

This email – sent to you for FREE – will include important details such budget, scale of project, urgency, specifications, and other information related to the specified service. These details will help you check if this is a job you can do. If you don’t want this job for some reason, or you’re already fully booked, you can simply ignore the email. Nothing is lost!

  1. Choose if a customer is worth taking on

If you believe you can deliver this job, the budget is right, and your schedule allows for it, you can spend 1 credit to reveal the contact details. It is important to note that you only spend a credit to contact the customer.

Warning: You get 72 hours to call your customer back! After 72 hours, the request disappears. So, to guarantee that a golden opportunity doesn’t slip away, make sure you check your email at least once a day!

  1. Contact your new customer!

Once you’ve decided to take on the job, our robot’s work is done. Now it’s on your hands – time to contact your new client!

Available at different bundles, you can choose to buy credits once you’re registered as a PRO via PayPal. We believe in finding the right intersection between profit and usability so, not taking into account the bundles (through which you’ll be able to get a cheaper rate), we’ve made credits available at a rate of only €5 per credit.

A word between us before you read another article:

Our system is still in its alpha phase, we’re currently using our time to fix up chinks in the armour, figure out our next steps carefully, and learn from how you – both professionals and homeowners – are using our system. With this in mind, we welcome all feedback, and promise to keep making our engine grander and better!

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