Tomorrow at 7:30pm, Fondazzjoni Sebħ will be hosting an Upcycling Market!

The market, found at Fra Diegu, Villambrosa, Ħamrun, will feature donated and acquired furniture that’s perfect for upcycling enthusiasts who enjoy redesigning furniture items.

Fondazzjoni Sebħ is a domestic violence shelter that offers a temporary home for mothers and children who cannot live with their family, as well as providing support for community members to get back on their feet.

All income will be in support of the foundation’s efforts.

The market will run from 7:30pm till 9pm (so you have plenty of time to drop by for a visit after work).

What can I do with upcycling furniture?

If you don’t have experience in carpentry and design, hire a local artist or designer who’ll do upcycling work for you. Local designers and makers can create masterpiece furniture that’s half the price of storebought items – and twice as valuable.

Check out our list of local designers and artists whom you can work with.

Why should I opt for upcycling over buying something new?

We already discussed the value of upcycling furniture and DIY work in our article on budget-friendly ways to renovate your home. It’s true, the words ‘second-hand’ or ‘pre-owned’ tend to make us take a step back. But here’s why it shouldn’t:

  • Older furniture is built by actual carpenters, not pieced together by machines. It may look finer, but work by carpenters are usually more robust and lasting.
  • It adds character. A room’s not truly yours if everything in it can be acquired on a magazine. By getting a piece done up specifically for you, you’re adding with aesthetes call ‘character’. It’s not just a nice adjective, upcycling and designed furniture raise the value of a place, and – if taken care of – become more valuable with time.

With a bit of creativity, some paint, and a friend who’s familiar with basic carpentry, it’s easy to turn a dated unit into a statement piece.

Unconvinced? Take a look at what upcycling can achieve in this article, where we feature Thomas Camilleri’s home.

For more information about the event, here’s the page on Facebook.

If you want to contact or find out more about the NGO Fondazzjoni Sebħ, they also have their own Facebook page.

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