6 Cheap renter-friendly improvements for your apartment

Instagram is full of brilliant storage ideas, only they usually involve ripping something out or making alterations that most renters would not easily agree to.

These changes are affordable, renter-friendly and, temporary – which means you can stay assured that you will get your security deposit back at the end of your lease.

Shelf-risers A shelf riser

Double up your storage space! Invest in an adjustable shelf-riser to load up your cabinets, store extra plates, bowls, glasses, and more. Make sure you get adjustable legs to customise height, and check if they have an anti-slip feet (useful to avoid accidents).

Flip a wine crate

Wine crates doubling up as storage

Create instant shelving by flipping a wine crate or other sturdy wooden boxes. Put it on the end of a counter against a wall and you have a new, stylish spot to store your utilities. This allows you to add an extra layer to the countertop without taking too much space; it’s also perfect to set up a coffee or tea station. If you want to be extra creative, mount them on your walls to get yourself floating shelves. 

Roll out a utility cart

Rolling utility cart

Rarely do we eat in the kitchen – most of us take food wherever we happen to be working in or nesting. A little-wheeled utility cart can work wonders to give you a little more space and an unbelievable amount of clean mobility. You can tuck it under a countertop or hide it inside a lesser-used closet when you need the floor space more than the stuff.

Use adhesive hooks

Mounts against a wall

Use adhesive wall-mount hooks (like Command Hooks) to hang up potholders, scrubbers, and other tools that would otherwise take up space on the counter or in a drawer, including shelves and crates (mentioned above)!

Place items on top of cabinets

Above kitchen cabinet being used as storage

It is easy to understand why most believe that this just creates a cluttered or messy result, but some creativity goes a long way to executing this wisely. A wine crate on top of a cabinet for storage (and another one for actual wine), is only one of few ways you can create a stylish, industrial effect. 

Use lazy Susans

Triple tiered lazy susan

Most may call it lazy – we think it is genius. Keep your spices, herbs and any other small kitchen item you can think of on a big lazy Susan to maximise space. Don’t be afraid to scale up in a small kitchen, using a few large-scale pieces helps your space feel bigger and is always a better option than a cluster of small items which can make a room feel cluttered.

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share with us?