7 Shots of Maltese Interiors that’ll make you want to move in

Minimalist, classical, traditional…Maltese interiors have it all! Take a look at some of our favourite picks of interior designs by local architects, brands and professionals on instagram. For this article, we wanted to pick photographs of Maltese places that showcase what we can do with design that embraces local flair and capture local imagination.

We’ve taken the pictures below from instagram. Should you wish to contact the makers behind the magic, click on the images to hop off to their instagram page, where you can check out more of their work or contact them for your own.

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1. This dining area in a Valletta townhouse


William Morris once said: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Thanks to Chris Briffa Architects’ design, we now know that you can have both! Exposed concrete walls, pale sheer curtains, and a white marble-topped table keep everything looking fresh, smooth, and cool to the touch. No clutter lying about or any loud colours to distract the mind. And let’s not forget a must-have source of clean oxygen: a gorgeous potted plant. Have a seat in the solid wood nook and meditate in the tranquillity of your organised surroundings.

Head on over to https://www.cba-files.com/ to check out Chris Briffa Architects’ portfolio, where you can also order their first self-published book titled ‘Valletta Files’!

2. This window that’s another stroke of genius by CBA


Equally impressive are the floor-to-ceiling windows found in Chris Briffa Architects’ Valletta penthouse, reminding us of both traditional Japanese shoji and something almost aquatic and alien. You may be in a penthouse, but the feeling is definitely one of being submerged in another world.

N.B: shoji is a sliding panel that is made of translucent paper in a wooden frame. They are used as doors, interior walls and windows in traditional Japanese houses and buildings.

3. For the packrats amongst you, this abode snapped by Carlo Schembri is a veritable treasure trove from another era. 


Sometimes a home just isn’t a home without those things you’ve collected throughout your life. In this case, there’s probably a story behind every item. A vintage television set, a gramophone, a collection of hardbound books, some knickknacks, and a selection of fine wines show this to be the home of someone very cultured. Above all, we’re in love with that little ivy-covered winding staircase. Where does the passage lead to, we wonder?

Check out Carlo’s website, Carlo Schembri Design Team, at https://www.csdesignteam.eu/!

4. MaxineMade’s reupholstered vintage chair is a stunner upcycling fans will adore


Plain white walls, wood floors, a comfy-looking sofa, and loads of potted plants make this another relaxing minimal living space. But MaxineMade’s reupholstered vintage chair, with a stunning floral pattern hiding behind a soothing shade of yellow, adds just the right amount of colour to an otherwise neutral palette.

Maxine Borg is an interior architect who runs MaxineMade, which upcycles retro and antique furniture, and designs custom spaces with a mixture of antique and modern styles. Take a look at some of her repurposed furniture on https://www.facebook.com/pg/maxinemade/about/?ref=page_internal!

5. This Retro Cabinet upcycled by Shabby Chic

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Behind the doors of G-Plan: It's now an iconic element of midcentury design, but it was first conceived back in 1898 by Ebeneze Gomme in his woodworking atelier. Soon met with strict controls on timber industries due to war, the G-Plan collection wasn't properly launched to the mass market until 1953. In 4 years, it's popularity exploded. It had pieces for every room in the house, could be acquired slowly, and with its gentle organic curves and minimalist style, appealed to younger audiences who sought a more modern look. It'd soon be usurped by Scandinavian design, but it made its mark. Featuring @maxinemadedesign #gppan #midcenturymodern #midcentury #retro #armchair #upcycling #furniturerestoration

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Want more for your MaxineMade fix? Here’s a look into her living/office space. The retro cabinet is actually G Plan furniture, which you can find at Shabby Chic in Birkirkara if you’re into the upcycled look. Note, also, the four charming Stephanie Borg paintings.

Shabby Chic is a retro furniture shop that specialises in upcycling vintage furniture: https://shabbychic.world/. Stephanie Borg is a local artist: https://stephanieborg.com/.

5. David Camenzuli’s Loft reminds us what careful curation looks like


There are so many things to appreciate in David Camenzuli’s Scandinavian-style loft! Hans Wegner wishbone chairs surrounding a Vincent Sheppard table, a vertigo lamp, a Bathyscafocus open-faced fireplace, a Szymon Brodziak photograph, a Menu Wire plant pot, a single Harry Bertoia chair…and that’s just the living room!

Want to see what other prizes lie in David’s St. Julian’s apartment? He’s shared more photos on his personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/david_camenzuli/. The furniture was purchased from Camilleri Paris Mode (https://www.camilleriparismode.com/), Finnish Design Shop (https://www.finnishdesignshop.com/), and Form (https://form.com.mt/).

6. Forward Architects remind us why they’re one step ahead of others in the industry


We are absolutely obsessed with this living room in Rabat, designed by Forward Architects. It’s the perfect combination of classic and modern. Marble floors, a gilt-framed painting, a Persian rug, a small vintage cabinet, and a single antique chair in the middle. But the best thing? Getting to look at your old plant-filled courtyard through simple floor-to-ceiling glass sheets. So much light!

Take a look at more of Forward Architects’ work here: https://www.forward-architects.com/

7. This Inner courtyard that’ll make anyone ask for a booking


And last but definitely not least, another Forward Architects design, this time an exotic indoor courtyard, complete with all-white fountain, marble, shutters, and arches, found in the 5-star luxury Hotel Rosselli. More oasis aesthetics, please!

Hotel Rosselli is a 17th century palazzo-turned-hotel in Valletta: https://rossellimalta.com/

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