An apartment in Pieta left our writers divided over whether it’s the kind of development we should be looking for.

Situated on the Pieta promenade, the corner development consists of 6 units, with the first floor featuring a 2 bedroom apartment.

While it towers awkwardly over adjacent houses, the building does a good job recreating the architectural style of the area in its use of limestone for the exterior, the traditional Maltese balcony, the masonry and arches. Admittedly, its upper floors are less commendable, with the railings and apertures on the second, third and fourth floor featuring little variance.

Development has been a major hot issue amongst locals in Malta over the last years, with many lamenting the loss of Maltese architectural character due to new developments that prioritise functionality and profit, but leave profit aside.

We’re not being paid to advertise anything here; rather, we’d like to hear your opinions as to whether this kind of development is what we should be looking forward to, or whether it still falls short.

What do your design oriented friends think?


EDIT: Elena Borg Costanzi was kind enough to send us the updated drawing approved by the Planning Authority. We didn’t notice radical changes aside from the added penthouse to the left.

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