You can Now Get a Lift Installed without requiring a Shaft

Since they came into the picture, both abroad and in Malta, lifts have radically changed our towns and buildings. First, once stairs stopped being the only way you can go up or down, the penthouse went from being the cheapest floor to the most expensive in a building. Second, towns were no longer built out –lifts allowed us to build up, thereby changing what skylines we create forever. Since then, they haven’t stopped evolving.

One big drawback that holds the accessibility of lifts back, besides their cost, is that they require the building to have a dedicated pit in which they can be fitted. So, unless your property came with a dedicated layout, chances are getting a lift remains impossible.

But LiftServices Ltd, a Maltese company specialising in vertical transportation, is changing the way we approach and use lifts. We’ve spoken with Matthew Farrugia, managing director at Lift Services Malta, to find out a little bit more about this:

Can you tell us about the Cibes Lift?

Very simply, Cibes Lifts require no shaft or pit to install and operate. They have minimal structural impact on a building, and come with their own ready-made shaft, designed to take the least space possible.

What are some of the benefits of the CIBES Lift against the traditional lift?

Cost wise, the shaft is included in the price of the Lift itself, and that’s a huge difference from the traditional lift, which cost would normally start at €20000, excluding the money spent on building the shaft.

white lift

Can you tell us a little bit more about the company that supplies the CIBES Lift? How did you get in contact with them?

Perhaps typical of Swedish companies, our partners, Cibes Lift, – who manufacture these lifts – are very conscious of environmental responsibility and precision in design, which made them a joy to work with.

We got in contact with them as space here in Malta is restricted in old condominiums, and we were really looking to find a solution that caters to old townhouses and buildings in Malta. Due to the lightweight design and lack of modifications needed, we found the Cibes Lift great for owners and architects working on restoration and renovation projects.

lift in dark wood

You mentioned that Cibes Lift takes environmental responsibility seriously, how’s that so?

Cibes environmental policy takes the full life cycle of their lifts into account, from manufacturing to recycling. In fact, the Cibes Lift is 95% recyclable. All chemicals used for manufacturing our lifts comply with the requirements of REACH – the key chemical control regulation in the European Union.

Finally, Lifts from Cibes Lift meet the requirements of BREEAM, one of the world’s largest environmental certification systems for sustainable building.

What does one require to get a CIBES Lift?

Single phase electricity, a little bit of space and a 5cm pit.

lift in spiral staircase

What if one has absolutely no space inside?

That’s not really a problem! The Cibes lifts can also be adapted for outdoor installation.

outdoor lift cibes

Any other characteristics worth sharing?

Thanks to the EcoSilent drive system, the Cibes Lift makes virtually no sound whatsoever while in operation. People can also choose from different versions of the Cibes lift, and they all vary in size, capacity, and design  – so there’s something for every kind of home and style.

How long does it take to get it delivered and installed, and how is it powered?

It takes nearly 3 months to be delivered and 10 working days to be installed. It is powered with a normal single phase.

lift with oak furniture

How can our readers find out more about this product?

The easiest way is to simply give us a call at 2125 2206. They can also follow our Facebook page, Lift Services, where we regularly publish content related to our products and services. We’re pretty active, so messaging us on our page works as well. Sometimes, we might take a day or two to reply, but we always answer questions.

white cibes lift