Homeowners are greening up their walls and rooftops, here’s why you should too

VIVACITY is a team made up of green infrastructure experts who are making big waves not just around the Mediterranean, but on our archipelago of islands too. Their weapon of choice? Self-sustaining rooftop ecosystems and vertical green walls.

Vivacity’s ecosystems don’t just look great, they’re an excellent investment for homeowners who want to save money, clean air indoors (Did you know? Air pollution is highest in our homes, not in the streets!) and bring life to the interiors (or exteriors) in a budget-friendly way.

Note: This article is not sponsored by Vivacity, we just really like what they’re bringing to the table!

The facts behind Rooftop Gardens

1. A rooftop ecosystem reduces overall air-conditioning requirements by 75%

After this, you may even be able to forego air-conditioners completely! VIVACITY’s rooftop ecosystem acts as an insulation layer – cooling during the summer and keeping the heat inside during the winter. The cooling action is achieved initially by the placing of the green roof layers on the roof surface, and is then enhanced by the activity of the plants. Overall air-conditioning requirements could be reduced by up to 75%, and it might even be possible to have them replaced with ceiling fans.

2. Vivacity’s rooftop ecosystem acts as a natural insulator for your building

The technique VIVACITY use in their ecosystems is actually a roof treatment, meaning it can be treated like any other insulating building material designed to protect the roof surface. Equally as great is that the treatment can protect the waterproofing layer of the roof surface, which would otherwise degrade over time due to UV light and require replacing every 5 to 10 years. 

3. It is built especially for our weather conditions

VIVACITY’s rooftop garden is what they call a “green rooftop ecosystem”, a natural thermal insulation tool for buildings. They refer to it as a rooftop ecosystem (as opposed to any ordinary garden) because its component parts converge to create a replica of a Mediterranean ecosystem: high temperatures, high winds, and extended periods of drought and heavy rainfall. Basically, they’ve thought of everything to help with the harsh summers and dreary winters.

4. A green rooftop system extends the lifetime of your building, as well as its finishings

Apart from protecting the waterproofing layer, VIVACITY’s technique will also protect the building from daily expansion and contraction during those months when temperatures can reach 35°C or higher. This will extend the lifetime of the building and its finishings.

5. A rooftop ecosystem can be designed to perfectly accomodate your space

VIVACITY can design your green roof to meet your specific requirements. It’s easy since their design is modular, so everything can be planned and readjusted.

6. Rooftop green ecosystems require very little maintenance

For those who don’t have the time to stay maintaining their garden, VIVACITY’s green roof system is adapted to thrive in the Mediterranean climate by requiring 90% less water than a ground-level garden in the same weather conditions, meaning there’s little to no maintenance.

The facts behind Vertical Green Walls

While you’re having your new rooftop ecosystem installed, why not decorate an otherwise bland and ordinary wall with greenery? Apart from looking great, VIVACITY’s vertical green walls provide further advantages.

1. Green walls provide insulation against the climate

Green walls use Mediterranean-zone plant varieties to promote water storage and reduce evaporation.

2. Green walls are great ways to sound proof your building

3. Green walls generate a healthier air quality in the surrounding climate

Green walls absorb pollution and emitting oxygen, promoting healthier air. This is especially important indoors, where air pollution levels is often higher than outdoors. 

Go to VIVACITY’s website to check out some lovely photos of successfully installed rooftop ecosystems and green walls all around the Mediterranean: https://www.viva-city.com/. While you’re there, you can find VIVACITY’s contact details to book an appointment so they’ll be able to give you a quote on your new, private pocket of wilderness!