How-To: Apply Coatings for Rooftops in Malta

In this article, we’ll go over some of the benefits of coating your rooftop, and then how to apply it (and get great results). No special skills are needed! Just care, time, and attention to detail.

Advantages of roof coating in Malta

Keeps Your Building Cooler

Considering we’re heading towards winter, mentioning this point first might sound counterproductive, but keep in mind that Malta’s weather for most of the year is dry and warm. The reflective property of the coating keeps the building cooler, reducing energy consumption of appliances dedicated to keeping your rooms cool – especially if you have an AC or three. 

Protects Against Roof Leaks

Remember the dingy apartments in TV shows or films with leaking water from the ceiling? Make sure that stays on the TV, and away from your house. Adding a coating to the rooftop will give you an extra layer that protects from leaks – no matter how rainy it gets.

Protects from mould and mildew damage

Coating helps prevent mould from appearing on your rooftop – mould refers to any of various fungi that commonly grow on organic matter and are often associated with decay walls. Mould, and mildew can, in time, lead to leaks.

Extends The Life Of Your Roof

Wait years longer before replacing a roof and prevent roofing material from winding up in the landfill. Coating your rooftop is one of the most important ways you can improve its durability.

Applying roof coating: What to keep in mind

Before you begin your project, please consider that a quality coating application will take time, so make sure you can dedicate a day to this. Moreover, protect your eyes and skin from excessive exposure. In warm weather, work early in the day. 

Buying the coating product

Hempel’s roof coating 58810 may be applied to a variety of substrates including, but not limited to, wood, metal, concrete and plaster. The product is a high-build acrylic coating, forming a durable
elastomeric membrane with excellent flexibility and water-proofing properties. The appearance is slightly textured.
Hempel’s products can be purchased from over 160 outlets throughout Malta and Gozo. Search through their extensive list of authorised resellers here:

Priming your rooftop

If you’re applying a roof coating for the first time

For a first application, i.e. where the rooftop is being painted for the first time, it is important to first prime the substrates well. P.S: substrates are the different surfaces that make up your rooftop, and in general refers to the surfaces onto which a paint is going to be applied.

The most important step is that the structure to be painted is cleaned thoroughly – mainly, make sure that there is no debris stuck on the floor. Mix 2-3 parts of sand to 1 part of HEMPEL’S ROOF COATING 58810 to fill small cracks in the concrete. Then, one coat of Hempel’s Stone Stabilizer 06PD3 will penetrate the surface of the substrate and prevent dust, ensuring that coats adhere to the concrete properly.

If you’re applying onto a previously coated rooftop

Roof coating may also be painted over existing coats of roof compound. In this case it is not necessary to prime the surface, but care must be taken to ensure that the structure being repainted is cleaned well. Loose and flaking paint must be cleaned; any moss and/or lichen that have broken through the paint have to be cleaned and plucked out with a wire brush.
It is advisable to hose down, with water, the area to be painted. 

Apply your coating paint

Once you’ve cleaned the roof, let it dry. (This is why you shouldn’t wait until Winter sets in to coat your rooftop). Once dry, you can begin to apply the primer or roof coating.
Using a long paint roller or brush, begin to spread the coating onto the roof. Work in 6′ to 8′ areas, without trying to do the entire roof at once. Spread the coating on evenly with a thick coating.

Let the coating cure

Once the entire roof is covered, it’s as simple as letting it dry and cure. Curing time will vary based on the product and environmental conditions, but the product manufacturer should have information on how long it should take to cure. 

Have you ever applied roof coating for your property?

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