8 Amazing Scratching Posts for your cats

Aesthetic isn’t what most people have in their minds when they hear ‘cat-condo’ or ‘scratching posts’. The main usage of cat posts is not to look great, it’s to stop the cats from turning your home into a catastrophe (and keep them contained within one zone). At House.mt, we believe that just cause it’s for the cat, doesn’t mean it should look any less gorgeous.

Making our homes feel and work better for our pets has been a popular issue on House.mt in 2020. Read more about how to make your home more cat-friendly here!

Admittedly, some scratching posts are a real eye-sore and were it not for the needs of their feline friend, they would be gone! But there are some out there which really take the cake. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Multiple Perch Cat Tree

This scratching-post is a legit kitty heaven! Featuring multiple cloud-like cushions, hammocks, and scratching poles, this scratching-post accommodates more than a few cats comfortably. And it’s large enough that they’ll never have to fight for a spot.

This post is owned by Adrienn Czipper over at @czipper.adri.

Multiple cats lounging in a large cat tree.

2. The Lion King Cat Tree

This scratching-post is perfect for cats who love high spaces. Your cat will be less inclined to jump on your shelves when he/she has a condo like this to hang out in. Let them live out their Simba fantasy with this original piece!

This custom-made art piece is constructed out of solid wood. This allows kitties to jump, claw, and climb while performing their own purr-fect rendition of The Circle of Life. It’s recommended that you secure this to both the floor and the ceiling – you never know when your cat(s) are ready for a showdown.

Find out how the designer made this masterpiece here.

3. Jungle Cat Tree

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly cat tree or just want to help your cat embrace his inner-jaguar, you’re going to want to check out this do-it-yourself creation.

Believe it or not this scratching post is handmade! Using branches, rope, covered plywood, and faux greenery, it’s decked out with all of the features your cat loves—including perches and scratching spots—but is easy on your wallet. In fact, you probably already have most of the supplies in your garage. Your cat would be lucky to call this home.

Check out how you could do this yourself, here.

A cat tree made with real branches.

4. Minimalist Cat Tree

This Cat Tree doesn’t even look like it’s made specifically with cats in mind. At face value, it could be mistaken as a funky piece of home decor. But not is all as it seems.

Designed by Yoh Komiyama for Japanese manufacturer Rinn, the NEKO cat tree provides a chic solution for house-proud cat enthusiasts. Thanks to Mr Komiyama, cat lovers won’t have to settle for ugly mismatching cat furniture. According to him, the innovative mixture of marble and natural wood expresses “cultural fusion between the wooden materials of the East, and the stone materials of the West.” 

The “see-through” structure houses three levels, layered with super soft fabric. This gives playful kitties room to climb and explore, while providing older cats a place to snooze. Find out more about these stunning scratching posts on their website.

5. Katriss Modular Cat Tree 

This is definitely one of the more original pieces on this list. You can play around with the pieces on this scratching post to fit your aesthetic. And since cats like variety and change when it comes to toys and such, this would be a perfect choice! Since it comes in a bunch of parts, you can decide on how large or small you’d like to have it. Or maybe you could have two separate scratching posts using the pieces provided.

It even comes in a variety of colours! If you love Tetris, you’ll adore this. You can buy it here!

KATRIS - Cat Photos and KATRIS

6. Vesper Cat Furniture V-Tower

This funky scratching post has a really avant-garde design that would suit any modern household. It provides your cat with all the facets for them to fulfil their scratching necessities, while satisfying the aesthetic tastes of their guardians.

A stunning piece of scratching furniture for cats, the V-TOWER provides an enticing multi-level world for curious cats. It has two cube caves and one tunnel cave for playing or resting. 

7. Copycat Art Scratcher

If you have a sense of humour and some extra money in the bank, you could invest in this amazing and innovative scratching post design by Erik Stehmann. Upon noticing his cats scratching his paintings, he learnt how to print on sisal and voila! Now, you too could have the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper on your living room wall. The only difference is that your cat has 100% to go crazy at it.

The only con is the price. It’s quite expensive for a cat’s scratching post. Although you could think of it as an investment you’ll both be able to enjoy for a very long time. Visit the site to find out more!

Need some smaller yet still amazing options? We’ve included two extra cat posts below to check out.

8. Politikats Cat Scratchers

Have you ever wished you could bear witness to your cat ferociously attacking a corrupt politician? This cat scratching post by Politikats offers you the second-best option.

The Politikats is definitely the most out-there addition to this list. These comedic scratching posts are 26″ in height, with a base of 15″ x 15″. They serve as a fantastic conversation starter when guests come over. The ‘politician’s’ body is covered in sisal rope and the base is thickly carpeted for your kitty’s comfort.

And it doesn’t even need to be politicians. PolitiKats will even make special-order characters, for example, your ex-husband or your mother-in-law. Like the Copycat scratching post, these customised figures are quite pricey, but the website has regular deals you could watch out for. Get yours here.

There are probably more outrageous cat-posts out there, and you can be sure we’ll be keeping a lookout! We hope you enjoyed this list. Tell us, would you be interested in investing in any of the cat scratching posts mentioned above? If so, leave a comment below.