6 Places in Malta where you can create your very own Door Knockers

When it comes to traditional Maltese door knockers, Maltese artisans know where it’s at! Even after all these years, there are still some great artisans who appreciate the craftsmanship of the Maltese door knocker.

As an aesthetic, the swordfish or lion door knocker is coming back in style. Whether it be a call to an older simpler time, or just appreciating the style, these makers are here for your needs.

If you wish to check out some beautiful knockers for inspiration, we uploaded an article showcasing some picks so glorious some bloggers uploaded them to their Instagram feed! Click here to see them for yourself!

Pitre’ Hardware

This company sells anything related to the home, but their door knockers are really something to behold. Not only does their collection feature modern and contemporary door knockers, but it also includes classic ones. From the very humble and subtle ring knockers, to animals’ heads, and religious symbols.

Whatever suits your fancy, we’re sure they’ll be able to hit the spot. Check them out here.

Door Knockers

Gozo Marketplace (il-Monti)

A huge tourist attraction is the Gozo marketplace, or il-Monti. Here you’ll be able to find amazing traditional, and possibly original Maltese and Gozitan door knockers made from brass and copper.

Door Knocker


Another Maltese company that provides us with classic door knockers. Although some are made with modern materials, like PVD, others are made from Brass.

Polished brass knockers are more expensive, ranging from €50 – €76. For cheaper options, the imitations or rust coloured knockers are your best choices. These are priced between €34 – €44. Click here for more information.

Artisans Centre Engravers Valletta

According to Maltese photographer and doorknob enthusiast, Lisa Gwen, this shop on Republic Street, Valletta, holds a large selection of traditional doorknobs and knockers. But they don’t stop at knockers! They’ve also got a good selection of ceramics, silver and glass from both Malta and Gozo.  Find them on Facebook for more information.

Birgu Flea Market

The Birgu flea market is one of Malta’s many wonderful attractions. Here you’ll be able to get your hands on a whole variety of vintage finds, including door knockers. And what’s better, they’ll go for a fraction of the price that you might find at an actual vintage or custom make stores.

Photo showcasing Birgu market taken from flickr.com

Funderija Artistika Joseph Chetcuti

Funderija Artistika make custom door handles for all who inquire, and they have a portfolio of amazing works that’ll leave anyone floored! Funderija Artistika is personally recommended by Lisa Gwen at @Maltadoors for their work! Find out more on their Facebook page here.

Maltese door knockers are just as popular as ever and have definitely stood the test of time. Many new homeowners are paying homage to their culture by decorating their front door with quirky, interesting door handles, and dolphins, lions and other local icons remain as popular as ever. . As we’ve said before, these knockers are emblematic of Maltese culture. And, in the words of Maltese Instagrammer, Lisa Gwen (@Maltadoors), ‘Maltese are very house proud’. That, we definitely are!

One final tip from the House (and Ms. Gwen)? Get bold!

Lisa is having her own door knockers custom made – the shape and design she’s going for? Pastizzi!

What kind of doorknob would you have on your door?