Brighten your day (& your space) with these Serving Boards created by Clayton

Bespoke Build’s serving trays are both fantastically functional and wonderful centerpieces for any kitchen, dining space, restaurant or hospitality establishment.

Clayton, the head at Bespoke Builds, combines resin art with high-quality carpentry to create spectacular, functional and vibrant bespoke products, ranging from dining tables, units, cabinets to tabletops, desks, coasters and tiered plates.

For this article, we’re shining the spotlight on Clayton’s collection of serving trays. It is important to note that Clayton’s serving trays are made with food-safe resin, which means they’re not just fantastic centrepieces, they’re also functional furnishings that you can use to actually serve food with.

Along with his apprentice, Clayton runs Bespoke Builds, a budding Maltese company that’s making waves with its unique, artisanal creations, custom-made furnishings, and stunning use of resin.

If you’re curious about Bespoke Build’s other works, we recommend reading our first article with Clayton – the photos are a feast for the eyes!

First up, check out the splash of Mediterranean colours, radiating local character and Maltese flair

From forks and corks to keys and coins, Clayton uses resin to put curious tokens and treasures on display

This serving board features a fork and corks embedded into the resin; exuding a classy, speakeasy vibe that takes you a step back in time. We can’t get over how captivating it looks, and we’re not alone – photos of this curious creating made rounds for several weeks, amassing hundreds of likes, comments and requests!

Clayton made this one for a friend who had just opened a restaurant and has since received a multitude of requests for works featuring treasured tokens embedded into the resin. Sometimes it’s about giving a unique place for an item that has sentimental reasons, sometimes the goal is creating something different. From coins to buttons to photos, the possibilities are endless!

Here’s a question: What would you request to have embedded in resin?

Clayton frequently injects Maltese iconography, motifs and colours into his works to deliver striking, bespoke creations that are teeming with local character.

Next up, take a look at the translucent quality this one obtains when facing the sun.

As a talented and versatile carpenter, Clayton has built his reputation around his custom-made furniture which often – but not always – feature resin art. Even if resin casting is not what you’re looking for, you should still consider Clayton your go-to person for furnishings and bespoke designs.

Clayton manipulates resin to deliver diverse and different results. Because of this, and the inherent fluidity of resin, you’re always getting something new and unique!

Resin casting is the process of ‘filling in’ or ‘pouring in’ resin between holes, cracks, and fissures in timber; it can also be used to join two different pieces of timber together and to create a smooth border for raw timber with rough edges. Before crystallising, resin can be manipulated like a liquid to obtain different colours, patterns and forms.

Resin is both an art and a science, regulating chemical composition, temperature and humidity are key to ensuring a good finish.

Resin casting is not for the faint-hearted: The slightest error in temperature regulation or technique can lead to the resin not solidifying properly.

A tip from the house: Resin casting is not something you usually see in every piece of furniture around the house; rather, we invite you to see resin art as a means to create a centerpiece and a focal point in your space. Whether that means a kitchen table or smaller furnishings, is up to you!

Clayton has also carried out various works for local restaurants, hotels, boutiques, offices and more! Now more than ever, making sure your hospitality space stands out is key to attracting patrons, and we can’t think of a better way to differentiate your space than by adding Clayton’s creations to the equation.

Last but not least, Clayton’s showstopping latest creation

You may want to look at this one twice. It took us a good minute to realise what’s happening here. Nothing exhibits local character quite like crackers, Maltese bread, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and red peppers. As you may have guessed, the ingredients below are actually embedded into food-safe, high-quality grade resin, which means they will remain frozen like this forever, and they will never deteriorate. Likewise, their appearance will stay the same. Like. As with all the other entries above, this serving tray is perfectly functional and safe to use.

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