Malta vs. Sicily – Where do you buy your furniture from?

“Is it true that it’s more affordable to buy furniture from Sicily over Malta?”

A Maltese homeowner asked this question on Are You Being Served ? (Malta & Gozo) Original and within three hours, received close to 200 comments by fellow locals who shared their point of view and experiences on the matter.

If you read our articles, then you probably know where we may stand. has been a vocal promoter of local creators and artisanry, but if custom made furniture is not something you can afford, then your mission is likely to find the showroom that has the quality you’re looking for a price that’s within your budget.

Covid-19 hasn’t just threatened our healthcare infrastructure, it has also impacted the economical situation of many homeowners and businesses. With this in mind, it makes sense that people want to make certain they’re getting the best value for what they’re paying. So, stick to Malta or go to Sicily? For this article, we’re listing the key arguments made on the thread about this matter in our opinion.

1. The quality from showrooms in Malta is a little more expensive but has better quality

A number of people commented that the quality of the furniture from Maltese showrooms tends to be of higher quality, even if price is a little steeper. Almost as many people replied arguing that quality is not different at all, only the prices are.

2. It doesn’t matter where you go, if you want quality, you should go to a carpenter.

We agree with this one, a carpenter’s going to create something that lasts, and something that’s just for you. It’s heartening to see so many locals praising Maltese craftsmanship, but we all understand why many don’t take up this option, carpentry can get very expensive and not everyone has the budget for it.

3. Your furniture’s quality is going to depend on its price, no matter where you go.

You can find cheap, low-quality furniture in both Sicily and Malta was probably the most popular comment about this, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Sicily or in Malta, how much you pay is likely going to reflect the costs your product took to make. Solid wood furniture is pricier, but there’s different ways to acquire quality furniture.

4. Aftersales service is important, and you can only really get it from Malta

This was a major argument brought up against getting furniture from Sicily; while you may get it cheaper for similar quality, you’re not going to get any aftersales service easily simply because the showroom is unlikely to have an infrastructure set up in Malta. (If they had, you’d just shop locally). Aftersales service is seriously important with furniture, especially when it comes to making alterations and assembly. This is especially true if you’re not going for solid wood furniture, which will likely need more maintenance.

What’s your take on this?