13 Nifty Ways to make great use of your Wardrobe space (and bring order to your room)

Big, walk-in wardrobes that can double up as rooms on their own right are still the goal, but for most, reality is still a couple of sizes smaller. Truth is, our generation is spoiled for choice when it comes to clothes, but less so when it comes to space. It doesn’t help that small wardrobes usually invite huge messes, clothes piled up on chairs, and accessories sprinkled all around the room.

This article will go through 13 nifty ideas to reduce the amount of clothes just taking up space in our wardrobes and maximise the storage space that you do have.

Let’s start with the basics: Get the cardboard boxes out 

organising the closet

If you really want a cleaner, more spacious lifestyle, this is unavoidable: the first step is to bite the bullet and scale down. Get yourself 2 cardboard boxes, label them as charity shop and summer clothes. (If you can think up of any other categories, feel free to get a third or fourth box, just keep it simple)

Take a look at your wardrobe and consider the following

  • Which pieces of clothing have you not worn for a very long time – despite them supposedly being in ‘season’? Here’s an idea: Perhaps, it’s time for them to find a new home in a charity shop.
  • Which clothes will be appropriate in the next three to six months? Those that aren’t should find themselves in a box.
  • Which clothes do you wear most often? These are the ones that need to be prioritised. The rest can be moved to the more occasional sections.
  • Are there items that need to be mended? Either get out a third box and send away to your sewing-savvy friend or relative for repair or say adieu.

Remember: just because you have the space for something doesn’t mean you have to fill it.

Hang clothes vertically

Maximise closet space by approaching things from a different angle – literally. If your wardrobe is tall enough, you should check out Brit + Co’s brilliant easy-to-make hanger hack. The process is easy: get yourself a cheap metal chain, attach it to the rod in your wardrobe with an S clip and hang your t-shirts or other short clothes vertically.

Use hangers to keep your favourite accessories handy

hanger with tie

We’re talking scarves, belts, hats, and more – use hangers to display them and get easy access.

Invest in closet nook shelves

Capitalise on hidden space at the recessed ends of your closet by adding a set of wire shelves. Measure the width and depth of the space to make sure you get the right size, buy mounting brackets and a pair of plastic clips for each shelf.

Go the double-decker route

Not a fan of the hanging clothes vertically idea? If your existing closet rod is at least 60 in. from the floor, add a second closet rod underneath to hang shorter clothes such as shirts and pants. Use metal brackets to attach the rod.

Install shelves

Extend your closet space by installing shelves around or on top of your wardrobe. Visit a hardware store to get wood, supports, and get down to business. 

If you’re living in an apartment, at your mother’s, or renting a place, you’ve probably run up against the dreaded “no modifications” rule that prevents you from fixing objects to your wall using nails. If so, hang on, our next article will be focusing squarely on this.

Afterwards, add dividers to your shelves to keep things organised.

Keep your ironing board out of the way but close to your hand

An ordinary coat hook on the back of a closet door will do the rick – keep your ironing board close to your clothes and out of sight.

Hang shoes, handbags, and scarves using hooks

hooks for clothes

They might look small, but hooks lined in rows or used collectively can be especially handy – especially if you found yourself buying a handbag from a sale despite having more than enough. Hooks can be installed on the interior or exterior of closet doors, or on a wall (line them in rows and paint them to keep your room’s aesthetic cohesive)

Don’t want or can’t drill holes in your wall? Get yourself heavy-duty adhesive hooks.

Make use of the top of your wardrobe with storage baskets

There’s usually a lot of space above the wardrobe, use it to your benefit and invest in baskets or storage boxes where you can keep the clothes you don’t need every day.

Use the space underneath your shelves

shelf and clothes underneath

If you are following our advice to hang a shelf, or already have one, make sure you capitalise on the storage it can give you – attach clothes baskets underneath for extra space!

Store your shoes heel-to-toe to maximise shoe space

If you’re a Carrie Bradshaw and have more shoes than there are days in the calendar, store your pairs with one’s heel facing the other’s toe so they take less space. 

Wrap rubber bands around the ends of coat hangers

Why? It keeps your dresses, camisoles, and other light items from slipping off!

Go industrial and add a ladder

ladder with summer clothes on it

Get yourself an old ladder for a vintage-effect or get a new one and paint away, then prop it up against the wall and hang your clothes, shoes, or accessories on its steps using hangers or S clips. 

What do you think of our suggestions? Do you have any other tricks you use with your closet space? Tell us!