Check this Art deco and Industrial-style stunner in Sliema

David Grech is an interior and furniture designer with a portfolio of work we can only describe as delightfully different. When he has the chance to ‘do it his own way’, the local designer enjoys burrowing ingredients from Gothic and Victorian design.

When not busy making over a place, you’ll find David playing football or cooking.

The Sliema stunner mixes industrial design with 70s art deco. The manipulation of concrete is evident all around the house. 

Most of the furniture in the house is custom made by David himself.

“I find a lot of good pieces locally and funnily enough, some of the best gems are sold by other homeowners on Facebook marketplace.” 

Abroad, the designer will often hop to Sicily and shop at Ikea and Maison du monde.

David rents this house on Airbnb, which he uses as a platform to market other places he styled. We asked David what it’s like to rent, and if there are any negatives.

“It is quite relaxed if you have a good system going on. I mainly rent to couples, and they’re always hassle-free and very clean. My advice would be to learn how to take care of routine house maintenance, basic plumbing and do those things yourself.”

“And remember to obtain the license from the Malta tourism authority! Yes, it’s red tape, but it keeps you out of trouble.”

 “Black can create a really gorgeous atmosphere when mixed with the right colours and materials. With this house, I wanted to show how it can evoke a really different atmosphere, especially with the greens and the brass.” David then admits, “most Maltese homeowners tend to get scared when you mention black to them”. 

David’s favourite spots? His kitchen and living room.

“After a day working, getting to cook and then watching a good series or a game with my cat is priceless.”


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