Msida Bar and St. Paul’s Bay Home Suffer Damage from Nearby Construction

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Double trouble came today as a wall collapsed and a ceiling was turned to rubble.

A woman was left unhurt but in a state of shock when the wall of her house yielded and collapsed today morning at 11am. At the time, she was hanging her family’s clothes. Arsenio Caruana, a member of the family, also informed Times of Malta that cracks have appeared in the rest of the wall.

It has been reported that an inquiry will be held, and it’s looking like the bell will be ringing twice for the authorities today, as just an hour later, a construction site wreaked havoc elsewhere.

Duke’s Snackbar, an old local favourite amongst students and workers in Msida with 50 years of service under its belt was left without a roof when the ceiling caved in at around noon today.


Gepostet von Duke's Snack Bar am Donnerstag, 9. April 2015

Luckily the bar was closed and nobody got injured.

Construction work was happening right above the popular snack bar when the ceiling toppled in, so it is being assumed that the ongoing works were the cause.

The building above Duke’s Snackbar on Triq Bordin is currently being developed into a block of apartments.

This all took place just over a month after thousands of residents collected together to protest in front of the Court House at Valletta. The protest took place on the 7th of September, and demanded changes to local development and construction policy in order to better safeguard Maltese homeowners and their heritage. Drama sure does like to.. build up on Saturdays.

Earlier this year, the government joined the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA), Planning Authority and the Building Regulation Office (BRO) to put a temporary halt to construction and draft amendments, but architects and various experts considered the changes vague piecemeal tactics.

Send a message of support to the Duke’s Snackbar or just follow their page on Facebook.

Meanwhile, we hope our lady in St Paul’s Bay gets to enjoy the rest of her weekened a little bit better.

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