Malta’s biggest collaboration between sustainable, ethical brands, NGOs, and artisans is back for round 2, and it’s bigger than ever!

The second Eco Market in Malta will be held at The Independence Gardens in Sliema on Saturday 29 (that’s tomorrow – a public holiday!) and Sunday 30 June. Entrance is free!

At the Malta Eco Market, you’ll be able to:

1. Buy produce and goods from sustainable businesses and ethical local artisans

This includes (but is not limited to) many approved and vetted vendors who offer local fresh organic produce, natural food and snacks, ethical fashion, toys and housewares, natural and non-toxic personal care products, arts and crafts.

2. Meet with local NGOs, Social Enterprises and individuals

They’re the ones fighting for Malta’s environment and agricultural landscape, they’re also likely the ones who write the petitions and protest obscene developments from materialising. This is your chance to meet them, learn about who they are, and support them!

3. Socialise and connect with other Maltese households

You’ll get to participate and listen to interesting talks, workshops and social gatherings – all aimed towards raising awareness about (how to) safeguard our precious environment.

4. Give your kids the opportunity to engage in fun workshops

Most importantly, this means you’ll be able to stroll around and enjoy the atmosphere without your kid getting bored or irritated. For kids, there’ll be crafts, games, and more available!

By the way,  you can bring your own refillable water bottle at the Eco Market and drink for free!

This is thanks to Island Beverages Co. Ltd, one of the event’s sponsors for June! Just try to avoid using a plastic bottle – if you need a bottle you can buy from the market itself. ;)!

Why the Malta Eco Market deserves your attention

The EcoMarket is a cornucopia for every Maltese household that wants to better the quality of what it consumes, and at the same time actively help and promote companies, NGOs, and individuals in Malta who are engaging in sustainable and responsible business. This means you’ll be supporting:

  • Fair wages to employees
  • Organic growth of produce
  • Local agriculture
  • Business and producers who use sustainable processes (for example, by avoiding usage of plastic)
  • Local small businesses who are choosing quality over profit

Eco Market is the brainchild of Zen D’Amato Gautam, event organisation guru; Marta Kurzyńska, founder of upcycling studio STH from NTH; and Majbritt Kristensen, consultant and activist. Their mission? To shine the spotlight on local producers, suppliers, and makers who prioritise quality over profits, ethical business, sustainability, and the betterment of the community.

For two days, the Eco Market will exclusively feature responsible businesses, Eco-friendly products, and organically sourced and produced foods.

It doesn’t stop there, the jam-packed weekend will include interesting talks, workshops and social gatherings – all aimed towards raising awareness about how we, as Maltese citizens, can help to safeguard Malta’s precious environment.

The Eco Market believes in collaboration over competition. In fact, the team works with over 22 organisations who share their values and vision about sustainability and green living. Together, they collaborate with several Non-Profits, NGOs, Local Councils, Voluntary Organisations, Social Enterprises, Educational Entities and other motivational businesses to bring you a broader point of view of what it means to embrace sustainability from different sectors. See who they are here.

The Eco Market is sponsored by The Veg Box and Vivacity, give their respective Facebook pages a follow to show your support and appreciation!

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