“We think the best way to make Malta a better place is to actually start talking about its places. And with that in mind, our team at House.mt curates content on everything that has to do with making homes, spaces, and places in Malta work, look, and feel better.” 

One year, 76 articles, and over 4600 followers later, our mission has remained the same: to celebrate Malta’s places, homes, and spaces, one article at a time. Over the past 12 months, we’ve gotten to feature homeowners who’ve embarked on projects we thought were worth your attention; we also got the opportunity to interview local architects, aesthetes and makers; and finally, we worked with different brands who – despite our blog being in its infancy – believed it’s worth investing in content that’s educational, advert-free and curated.

But most importantly, we were surprised – by you! We’d like to thank all of our readers for engaging with our posts, sharing our articles, and sending us messages – both to correct us when we’re wrong, and to give us kudos when we strike the right chord.

To celebrate our first 12 months, we made a list of 6 accomplishments we’re proud of, and would like to thank you for making a success.

P.S: At the end of our article, we have a short poll with four quick questions about your experience so far with us (and what you’d like to see in the future). 

That time we published our first House feature

rooftop garden: pergola side view

With so many of you sharing the article within the first couple of hours, it was obvious that Theresa and Philip Bailey’s garden rooftop was an immediate hit. They constructed their rooftop from recycled wood, pallets, old beams, and a couple of nifty gadgets from Amazon, and the result made us go “All of Malta should do this!”

And speaking of genius approaches to décor, we can’t not mention our article with Thomas Camilleri, With your own two hands: A Peek into Thomas Camilleri’s Home

We’d like to thank Theresa and Philip Bailey for showing us around their lovely rooftop garden, and we hope they inspire more homeowners to follow in their footsteps. 

Do you know someone who’s using their rooftop as a garden – or is in the process of setting one up? Send us a private message or leave a comment, we’ll get back to you! 

Our Service Seeking Engine

As much as our writing team would like to take the credit for all the good things that happened (ever) to House Malta, articles isn’t the only thing we’ve been up to. While we typed away, our development team designed and built our Service Seeking Engine, which has been processing over 20 valid requests everyday (our team manually checks every request to make sure it is valid, and that the details are correct.) 

Using the Engine is easy: After you select the service you’re looking for and answer some questions about what you need, our “digital robots” will send requests for quotations directly to the relevant professionals registered with our blog. Home improvement professionals, from plumbers to interior designers to contractors can register on our engine for Free.

Finding out the secrets of the antiporta

Revealing uncanny features and secrets about the distinctively Maltese antiporta, this article was our most shared article – and still is!

Unlike our article about the traditional Maltese balcony, finding information about the Maltese antiporta was not an easy challenge. For this, we must give kudos to the team at Chris Briffa Architects who happily answered our (many) questions about the antiporta and invited us to their Q&A.

Curious? You can read our article here.

Interviewing local aesthete and curator of Maltadoors, Lisa Gwen

Lisa Gwen’s instagram account, blossoming with pictures of facades of homes in villages and towns around Malta and Gozo she photographed over two years, is followed by over 17000 people. It’s easy to see why: Her sensitive eye, which she couples with captions that carry an ineffable sense of gravity, challenges you to keep looking (and scrolling).

In our interview with Lisa, we discuss local architecture, the future of streetscapes in Malta, and more. Take a look!

Our unique sponsorship model, which has paid off!

It’s a truth, not universally acknowledged, that readers don’t like to read content that isn’t genuine. We think that’s fair: it’s hard to get readers (that’s you) to trust our word if you’re not sure what we’re saying is true, or just an ‘advert in disguise’.

With this in mind, we resolved to make sure that

  1. The goal of a sponsored article is still to educate. Our website remains ad free! 
  2. You’re not getting an elaborate advert; primarily, sponsors get involved by sharing their expertise and experiences. 
  3. You always know when an article is sponsored.

To show you what you mean, here are two articles that were sponsored:

Note: All of our sponsored articles are amongst the top 15 most read articles on our blog! Our formula is working, and on that account, we want to thank the sponsors who have trusted our way of doing content, and you – who showed us there’s value in valour! 😉 

The launch of our internship programme!

Just last month, House Malta launched its internship programme and, over the next weeks, we will be introducing their work with House Malta! There’s still a few spots left, so if you’re interested in photography, design or writing – contact us! 

For more information about our internship, which leads to a pay-per-article position, click here.

Thank you for listening; now, we’d like to hear from you.

Our team at House Malta is always on the look-out for spaces, places, and things that are being built up, torn down, modernised, restored, or re-purposed – be it by a big team or a one-man(or woman)-army.


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