8 Household Items under €50 to make your life easier

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Big resolutions and bold ambitions for 2019 are great, but sometimes all our dreams really need is for us to manage our time a little bit better – and we think that the best way to kick that off is at home.

With this in mind, we found 10 items that fulfill three major criteria: they’re cheap to get, easy to operate, and will save you a lot of time.

1. Travel Mug / Thermal Tumbler

Sharing a post about protecting our environment is nice, swapping from plastic bottles to a stainless-steel tumbler or thermos is great. Tumblers are a good substitute for generic plastic bottles, and a thermos will your drink hot (or cold) for hours. If a thermos is too bulky an option, opt for a thermal tumbler.

On Amazon: €24

2. Bag Resealer

Tired of snacks and foods going to waste after first use, or not enough space to put everything inside containers? A bag resealer uses heat to seal up bags you’ve opened up – be it flour, snacks, dairy foods, or meats.

On Amazon: €13

3. Key Finder

Not just for keys! Also keep track of your cat, kids, and wallets with a key finder. It’s simple, attach the receiver to the object you tend to lose, and then use the locator to find where it is.

On Amazon: €23

4. Two-in-One Vacuum

Tackle difficult corners and the floor without having to switch between a handheld vacuum cleaner and a bigger one. Lightweight and convertible vacuums allow you to delay having to wash the house or apartment, in addition, they’re great if you’re expecting guests.

On Amazon: €30

5. Fabric Steamer

A fabric steamer is the perfect solution for the ‘on-the-go’ homeowner who may have time for laundry, but struggles to find the time to iron routinely. A steamer allows you to refresh the fabric, remove bad odours, and loosen up creases.

On Amazon: €25

6. Organiser Hanger

When we think about organising wardrobes, most of us picture lots of conventional suit hangers – it’s important to remember that different kinds of hangers exist, and using them wisely will help your closet tremendously. For example, this vertical hanger is for ties, scarves, and belts.

On Amazon: €4

7. Door Stopper & Sealer

Door sealers help you reduce outside noise, stop dust and dirt from wafting in, and protect your doors from sudden slams.

On Amazon, a sealer costs around €6; a door stopper costs around €6 as well.

8. Laundry Folder

Be it because you’re still new to folding your own clothes or you simply dislike doing it, this laundry folder helps you cut down on the time you spend folding, hasten the process overall, and allows you to do a fine job at it.

On Amazon: €9

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