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Saving Malta’s Faces: A Chat with MaltaDoors curator Lisa Gwen

Here’s some advice: If you’re doing up your home’s porch or fixing up an old townhouse, and you want an exterior- from the door to the ironwork to the knockers – that arrests attention, is chiefly Maltese in character and will make your neighbours happy (and a tiny bit jealous), then there is a page you should look at for inspiration, and a person you should meet.

How to Care for Your Carpets in Malta

It doesn’t help that they’ve been taken out of the game by hard-flooring for a while – a trend which we argued against in this article. Many of our readers did not agree with wall-to-wall carpeting, and we won’t argue with their points, which included the well-known fact that Malta’s weather and humidity make it a nightmare to keep carpets clean and tidy.

Meet Christopher: Local Cacti & Succulents Enthusiast Making Pots Inspired by Maltese Art

Pots are turning into an opportunity for the homeowner to create something quirky, personal, or unique in their home. This usually involves repainting pots bought at garden centres, repurposing items you wouldn’t expect into pots, and in the case of Christopher Zammit, handcrafting the pots yourself to create captivating, intricate pieces.