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Interior Design Styles Explained: Part I

This article is for the homeowners who are thinking about renovating their interior space, would like to hire a designer, or simply want to articulate their tastes and preferences during a conversation without referring to a TV show or obscure references.

How-To: Apply Coatings for Rooftops in Malta

August’s last days of sunshine give us a good window of opportunity to do outdoor maintenance such as coating our rooftop without getting scorched by the sun. It’s also followed by much colder and temperamental months – so don’t wait too long if you think your rooftop needs some help.

The Colours of 2018: Painting and Décor

It’s not all about neutral colours anymore. With 2017 bringing back to the frontier earthly hues, tropical greens, and elegant camel accents, and 2018 embracing an even edgier palette of colours, including fiery reds, and metallics, the world of design is seeing colourists reclaiming the limelight.